Early December is one of the most exciting times in the MLB off-season. Though the weather is getting colder and colder, rumors of MLB-free agents and trading heat up every year during winter get-togethers.

Much like we all make Christmas lists to give gift ideas to our loved ones during the holidays, here in this article I’m going to present my shopping list to the Milwaukee Brewers for this year’s virtual winter get-togethers.

While it’s a pretty short list, it’s a list that meets two of the crew’s current needs!

Pursue INF Ha-Seong Kim

Many fans would agree that the Brewers have the most obvious area that needs to be addressed, which is the third base. This means that the 25-year-old KBO superstar Kim Ha-Seong is at the top of my shopping list.

After a delay in medical records, Kim Ha-Seong was hired on December 7, 2020 and now has a 30-day window to sign with a team. The Brewers have been aggressively signing overseas players in the past, with Nori Aoki, Eric Thames and Josh Lindblom being the most recent signings.

Although he’s mostly played shortstop for the last seven seasons, Ha-Seong Kim has the arm strength to play third base and a very good combination of power and speed offensively.

In a KBO schedule of 144 games, Ha-Seong has completed between 19 and 30 home runs in the last six seasons and set his career to 30 in 2020. From a production point of view, he has beaten over 100 runs in three of his last four seasons. In terms of speed, he’s recorded four seasons with more than 20 stolen bases.

Kim has an MLB superstar and is only 25 years old. While he will likely be listening to offers for an extended period of time, if the Milwaukee brewers could cast some holiday spell and gift this young phenomenon to Milwaukee, even if it were their only purchase, it would be a very successful shopping spree.

Brewers need an initial basic solution

Aside from a third basemen, the second one on my shopping list is a first basemen.

While the Milwaukee Brewers just put out a contract with Daniel Vogelbach last week, it has since become increasingly clear that the universal DH is unlikely to be returning for the 2021 season, although nothing is official yet. That being said, Vogelbach isn’t known to be a viable defensive option for 162 games, so a first basemen is also quite a pressing need.

The current free agent pool consists of players like Matt Adams, Mitch Moreland, CJ Cron, and others. If you get creative, you can persuade the Brewers to turn Kyle Schwarber or Joc Pederson into their everyday first basemen, but these ideas seem a bit tedious. But the brewers are supposedly interested in Pederson.

That being said, David Stearns may need to act to earn a solid first basemen and fulfill that position. In 2019, shortly before the winter meeting, the brewers exchanged for Omar Narvaez.

I’m sure that with a great bargaining chip in Josh Hader, David Stearns will listen to all of the offers on offer and wait for one that will absolutely blow him away, and the first crew basemen of the future could be in that mix.

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This is usually a very active time for Stearns so hopefully he can deliver this year as well by fulfilling the two items I have on my shopping list.