As much as we hate to admit it, we’re a bit addicted to shopping online. There was another boom last year as well, as various locks closed the shops on the main street for months
– and now there’s a new shopping app on the scene that will change the way we ultimately shop.

OOOOO may only have started a few months ago, but it has already toppled Amazon from the top of the UK shopping app charts.

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OOOOO is a live streaming video commerce platform and Gen Z’s answer to QVC. Shop instantly here and browse the 25 live channels – including Trainer TV and Dog TV.

The app was founded last year by Sam Jones (Ex-Wish) and Erich Zhang (Ex-TikTok) and already has offices in Oxford and Shanghai.

What is OOOOO?

Part-TikTok, Part-Amazon, the app allows users to watch an endless feed of videos where developers review products they recently tested. You can then purchase the products directly from creator videos and live broadcasts.

Describing itself as “entertainment first, shop later,” the app says it is “used to deliver unwritten opinions, have live conversations, and challenge the way traditional retailing works. We have no stores, trucks, or inventory. Just a ton of opinions and products to share. “

The app already has 160,000 users and OOOOO has stated that the live show’s audience will reach up to 10,000 viewers. The content of the individual channels is tailored to different target groups. For example, the book TV channel has live shows that cover everything from thrillers to YA fiction, comics to children’s books.

The app is supposed to disrupt retail. Jones said on a recent broadcast, “We don’t think retail will ever really recover this year. Instead, people will develop new habits and seek new ways to make a living. We want to be part of this inevitable change. “

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How does the OOOOO app work?

After downloading the app (available on Apple and Android devices) you will be taken to the home screen where you can navigate through various topics and live streams. Topics are trending, busking, cosmetics, shoes, fashion, toys, the gym and book television.

At the top, you can navigate between watching live video and previously recorded video and see who you are following. Go down and you can shop by category right away, check your notifications and log into your account.

If you want to buy a product from any of the manufacturers mentioned, just click the product link in the lower right corner of the video and it will show you the product and how to buy it. At this point, a link will appear stating that the video was created by a creator who sent the product from OOOOO. The creator receives a commission when you buy the product.

Orders over £ 20 are free and there is a standard £ 2.95 shipping charge for anything below that. Shipping can take between 5 and 10 days.

What can I buy from OOOOO?

The better question is: What can’t you buy from OOOOO? Right now it looks like it’s mostly beauty products, housewares and books, but as it grows it will expand in a lot more avenues.

The platform is also a street musician’s paradise as there is a separate tab for street musicians. This is where you can request songs and street musicians get money for buying the product they are selling.

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