Ware2Go, a UPS company, has entered into an e-commerce partnership with Google Shopping: “The integration dynamically displays free, fast delivery promises in Google ads from merchants,” based on inventory available through Ware2Go. This emerges from a press release.

Ware2Go said the partnership will “help merchants optimize ad efficiency using Google Shopping and increase sales with ad-free, fast shipping deals much earlier in the shopper’s journey, including at the time of initial product research using Google Search.” In general, Ware2Go said its platform helps merchants make it easy for them to deliver quickly to customers.

“Ware2Go is committed to building relationships with partners that enable retailers to exceed customer expectations,” said Steve Denton, CEO of Ware2Go, in the press release. He noted that the new partnership will drive growth by combining his company’s products with the new offering from Google Free and Fast.

Ware2Go said in its recent survey that “52 percent of merchants found a fast shipping promise to be the most effective tactic for increasing cart conversion. Almost 65 percent of retailers said conversion rates rose by up to 25 percent within 1 to 2 days. Delivery was offered. “

“The partnership with Ware2Go has fundamentally changed our marketing strategy,” said Dave Colina, founder and CEO of O2. His company markets the energy drink O2 as the “healthier Gatorade or Red Bull”. He added, “As soon as we could deliver within a day or two, our customers were down.”

According to Google Shopping, merchants viewing the free and fast annotation saw a 7 percent increase in conversions, a 10 percent increase in conversions per dollar, and an overall conversion rate of 9 percent according to early data.

The pandemic has boosted e-commerce levels and the existing infrastructure is tiered under the weight. April’s PYMNTS COVID-19 tracker showed that nearly twice as many Americans had little or no interest in leaving their homes to re-engage in the physical world as those who do. This made fast shipping a bigger challenge.

Even before the pandemic, online sellers and marketplaces had published new offers. Google Shopping has redesigned its platform and introduced new features such as: B. Options to track prices, shop in local stores, and find style inspiration through Google Lens so shoppers can see how other people’s clothes look.



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