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I use my little air fryer quite a bit, especially now that it’s getting warm and I avoid my oven at all costs. It’s very versatile – I can do it a whole bacon and egg breakfast on the merit – but I rely on it when it comes to firing last minute gear and putting the finishing touches on it crispy capersto roasted garlicto crispy spring onions.

As you’ve probably learned by now, I’ve found a new food item to add to the air-fried trimmings canon – air-fried shallots. You are not my fastest air fried recipe, but they are very straightforward and certainly far less labor and oil intensive than traditional fried shallots.

The process is simple: cut some shallots about 1/8 inch thick, toss them with a splash of oil, and cook them in your air fryer at 250 ° C until golden and crispy. Salt them. Eat them. Repeat this process if you want (and you probably will).

I know 250 ° C may seem like a pretty low temperature, but it’s necessary, albeit a little unfortunate. Cooking the sliced ​​allies at a higher temperature will burn the rings before they can properly dry out, resulting in dark brown, chewy shallots instead of golden, crispy shallots. (If you want your shallots to be dark and chewy, you can turn up the heat.)

Air-fried shallots aren’t quite like the ones you get in a canister – they’re bread-free and much less greasy – but they’d be just as at home on a green bean casserole if it was the time of year for it. I don’t eat a lot of casseroles right now, but crispy shallots don’t know any season. They’re fantastic on salads, on other vegetables, or on nothing. (I ate the pile you see above on this blog straight from the paper towel, and I would do it again.) To make these crispy bois you will need:

  • At least one shallot
  • Olive oil (or vegetable oil)

Cut the shallot (s) into 1/8-inch slices and press them through the center of the slices to break them into individual rings. Place them in a bowl and drizzle with just enough olive oil to coat them (about 1/4 teaspoon at most per shallot). Preheat your air fryer to 250 ℉. When this temperature is reached, put the shallot rings in the basket and cook for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, open the air fryer, slide the shallots around, making sure no one clumps in the center or in the corners. Cook for another 10 minutes, then open the air fryer and see how it goes on. If your shallots aren’t as golden and crispy as you’d like, add another 3-5 minutes. Once they are the color and texture you want, transfer them onto a paper towel, season with a few pinches of salt, and enjoy.

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