Year after year, part-time jobs remain a popular way for Americans to make money to cover basic expenses, pay off debts, or spend extra money. More than one in three Americans, or 34%, have a side job, and nearly one in four, or 24%, plans to start one in 2021, according to a recent Zapier survey of 2,001 adults in the US.

Before deciding on a part-time job, you should consider your potential customer pool.

“A lot of people focus on B2C side businesses,” says Angelique Rewers, founder of The Corporate Agent, a consulting firm that helps small businesses acquire corporate clients. Business-to-consumer or B2C side businesses connect you directly to consumers, whether you’re selling through Etsy or teaching kids an online class.

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While this may seem like the best options, “there are a lot of people who have been professionals who really should be dealing with a business-to-business hustle and bustle,” says Rewers. A business-to-business or B2B side business is one where you serve a company directly. Depending on what B2B sideline you’re considering, you could get up to $ 15,000 on a sale, she says.

Here are three “highly lucrative” B2B side businesses that you should consider.

“At least $ 100” an hour as a specialized virtual assistant

While virtual assistants are often viewed as virtual administrators who take on tasks like calendar management and data entry, virtual assistance can be much more than that, says Rewers. “There’s a whole category of virtual assistance in this area of ​​technology and online marketing, and it’s very lucrative.”

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In such specialized support roles, tasks could include “working with companies to help them manage their content on their blogs or social media channels, set up their email marketing campaigns, build their websites, and all of their online Manage subscriptions. ” and all the statistics tools out there, “she says.

“You often talk at least $ 100 [per hour] and on “for this gig, she says.

“$ 125 to $ 450 an hour to be a leadership trainer”

Coaching can help companies improve their performance in a number of areas. “One thing is leadership coaching,” says Rewers. If you’ve been a manager or a director in a company, “you can practice things like executive presence, decision-making, conflict management, and emotional intelligence,” she says. “They speak of $ 125 to $ 450 an hour to be a leadership coach.”

Another option is business coaching, she says. “Say you were a restaurant manager. You can train others [restaurants] how to be successful. If you’ve worked in a store, you can coach other boutique owners. “

Think back to your work experience and consider the area in which you might have the right expertise for business or leadership coaching. Then look online to see how much coaches charge in those areas and how they go about it.

There are many people who were professionals who should really be in a business-to-business business.

Angelique Rewers

Founder of The Corporate Agent

Consultation workshop “2,500 to 5,000 USD for half a day”

A consultant advises companies on their activities. “You really act as a strategic partner and for problem solving,” says Rewers.

“Anyone who leaves their job role can be a consultant for exactly what they just did,” she says. “If you’ve worked in customer service or were a customer service manager, you can be a customer service advisor. If you’ve worked in corporate communications, human resources, or facilities management, that is exactly where you can be a consultant.”

You may not even have to be there. Consultants often do virtual workshops, says Rewers. “Companies bring tons of outside experts and speakers, sometimes just to attend a Zoom session for as little as 30 minutes,” she says.

“You can ask for $ 2,500 to $ 5,000 for a half-day workshop on something you know,” she says. Plus: “You build it once and sell it over and over again.”

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Set boundaries and “treat like a business”

If you feel you have what it takes to dive into one of these B2B sideline jobs but want additional guidance, Rewers recommends looking into online certifications and training programs that can help you hone your skills. “With many of these coaching programs, you can even get a coaching certificate in a weekend,” she says.

As you build up your hustle and bustle, make sure you “treat it like a business,” she says. Set boundaries for your part-time job and the rest of your life. “Set up a separate bank account,” she recommends, “and give yourself a dedicated workspace, use dedicated email.”

“I think for a lot of people it starts out as something that is just a necessity and it grows into something they really love,” she says. “But you won’t love it if you have no limits.”

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