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There is a lot to consider when your home is in the market, including the staging. Perhaps your home is already perfectly organized, neutrally decorated and without personal photos. But for everyone else, staging your home is work.

Between the kitchen, living room, hall, bathroom and bedroom, you probably have more than enough to do. But what about the attic? Will potential buyers just assume this is an unfinished mess of dusty boxes? Or do you expect something more? Ronda Kaysen at the New York Times has some answers. Here’s what you should know.

This is how you stage your attic

First and foremost, Kaysen says, resist the urge to spend time and money on larger projects to stage your unfinished attic and instead focus on making the ground floor a place a stranger might want to live.

“The point of the staging is that a buyer comes in and falls absolutely in love with the room and has the feeling, ‘I’m going to trade what I have now for something better'” Donna Dazzo, the owner of the home staging and redesign company Designed to Appeal, tells the New York Times. “This is where your dollars should go because you need to create this feeling.”

But in case you are happy with the rest of the house and have money to spare, Kaysen has a few ideas to add shine to your unfinished attic. For example, if you have a large, open space, you can put down some yoga mats, an exercise ball, and some weights. Or, put a couple of sheets and a duvet on an air mattress and create a makeshift bedroom or desk and chair near a window for an office.

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If you really want it fancy, you can paint the walls, ceilings, and floors white, then add a few pieces of furniture and decor. The idea, says Dazzo, is to give the buyer a feel for how to use the space.