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Complete kitchen conversions can take months of work and Tens of thousands of dollars or more. But doing a little freshening up your kitchen doesn’t have to cost all of the work and money. While saving for the big kitchen gut, you can make some subtle, inexpensive changes that will help bring your kitchen into the current decade. Here is how.

Update the lighting in your kitchen

Outdated kitchen lighting can make even the most modern kitchen look drab. Unfortunately, rewiring is probably not an option for the budget – but you can change the style of the lighting easily and cheaply. Try a. to install hanging pendant lamp with decorative screen. Pluggable, hanging pendant lights serve as an inexpensive way to brighten up your space without having to call the electrician.

You can also swap the current light cover for a more modern one. When you have fluorescent lights and you can’t afford them $ 300 There is a price tag that comes with removal cheap upgrade options. For example, you can replace the fluorescent lights with LED lights to save energy and update the look of your kitchen.

Reface the closets

A facelift to your cabinets sounds like a big task – but it can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or new hardware. If the cabinet doors themselves are in decent shape, those two things combined can create the impression that you have decided on all of the new cabinets.

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To make a real statement Choose a bold, modern color like navy blue or matcha. For the handles and knobs, Brass and gold are popular choices right now, and they’re an inexpensive way to update your kitchen. If you want to keep the old hardware (and want to spend even less money), get yourself a good can Spray paint to turn this silver into gold.

Add a feature wall and backsplash

If you’ve done just one thing in your kitchen, let it be: create a feature wall that will take everyone away from your tired cabinets and mismatched appliances. Here are a few ways you can do this.

Consider a peel-and-stick backsplash

Backsplashs are often used to create a striking eye-catcher in the kitchen – but it can be expensive to hire professionals to install real tile. Instead, consider the peel-and-stick variant.

You might be inclined to think of the peel-and-stick option as too cheap, but these tiles have actually come a long way. This looks like real subway tiles, for example and costs about $ 10 per square meter. Some are even made of real stainless steel or aluminum, which will be slightly higher at around $ 16 per square foot, but goes a long way in modernizing an outdated space.

If you have an old tile mirror, so can you paint over instead of tearing it out and replacing it.

Paint an accent wall

Painting your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your cooking space. Make sure you use semi-gloss paint to withstand the heat, splashes, and spills that will occur in the room. And of course you can give the whole kitchen a fresh coat of paint – or you can accentuate just one wall with a bold color or through Creating a pattern with painter’s tape.

Use the background image as a backsplash and accent feature

with Hundreds of fun patterns and styles, Vinyl wallpaper can be a great choice to spice up a wall or backsplash in your kitchen. Even with only $ 24 per roll, you can make a real statement.

Replace the old faucet

If you’ve made a bunch of these little updates and still have some wiggle room on your budget, you would probably do well to replace that old faucet. Start with the determination What type of faucet will go with your current sink? (unless you want to completely replace the sink, but now the work gets expensive). Faucets can go as high as $ 300, but there are a few nice middle ground options That only gets you back about $ 100 to $ 150.