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While we may not consider it an oil change, an important part of routine maintenance is making sure your vehicle’s headlights are properly adjusted. If one or two headlights are pointing in the wrong direction, it not only makes it harder for you to see the road and your surroundings when driving in the dark, but also creates a safety hazard for other drivers.

You have likely been in the position where someone’s misaligned headlights shone right in your eyes, temporarily blinding you. Well, you don’t want to do this to someone else. in the an article for The DriveChris Teague guides us through adjusting the headlights of our home car. Here’s what to know.

Why can’t headlights just stay in place?

According to Teague, the headlights of all vehicles will have to be adjusted at some point – even those with unusual functions, e.g. B. if the position of the headlights can be moved out of the car. Essentially, he explainsYour headlights fall out of alignment due to normal driving conditions, such as uneven surfaces, bumps on the road – something like that.

How to adjust your headlights at home

Of course, the details will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, but here’s a (very) quick and easy summary courtesy of Teague:

You need to adjust the headlight units that are attached and mounted on both sides of the vehicle nose. Modern headlight housings are separate from the body of your vehicle and fastened with screws. There are also adjustment screws on the headlight units that allow vertical and horizontal adjustment. With a fixed point on a wall, vehicle owners can aim their headlights with the adjustment screws and some simple measurements.

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No, these are not the complete instructions – you need to read them his full article for this and there are many steps. But, as usual, its instructions are clear and easy to follow, even for those with minimal experience working on cars.