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Seeing someone with facial injections that you don’t like has something to remember (other than the fact that your opinion on the aesthetic improvements of others doesn’t matter): For anyone with over-bulking or over-frozen botox that you discover In dozens of other people are walking around in the wild with their jobs, so you never know they paid to have their face look the way it works.

Whether you want to look clear or natural, getting the results you want is just as tricky science for you as injecting it into your face is for your doctor. Here are a few tips.

Read About Botox (Or Maybe Not)

From the “lip flip” to the “Botox eyebrow lift”, magazines and digital media repeatedly advertise a “new” application of Botox. You’d be forgiven for getting swept up in all the clicky headlines and before and after and marching straight to your nearest clinic.

I don’t bring reference photos because everyone has different facial structures and muscle strength varies in each face

Before making an appointment, it is good to do some research, but you should also be aware of how Dr. Schwartzburg, founder of, Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetic, explained that there are no really “new” uses of Botox, but rather new trends. Dr. Schwartzburg doesn’t mind if customers come up with printed articles to whatever process they want and stacks of reference photos – whether of celebrities or the customer’s own face – run through an editing app – as long as you are aware that they may not be doing just that can do what they ask.

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For example, a Botox brow lift is anatomically impossible for some people, he said. Here he used a number of complicated-sounding words and muscle names, but what he said was this: Your muscles and facial structure may not be able to cope with certain procedures, and you should be open to hearing the injector’s professional opinion.

Dana, a 30-year-old PR manager in New York who has been on botox for four years, doesn’t even bring reference photos to her appointments. Explaining her reasoning to Lifehacker, she said, “I don’t bring reference photos because everyone has different facial structures and the strength of the muscles in each face varies, but I specifically say which areas are bothering me, which are not and where I want to keep some movement. For example, I like it when my eyebrows are moved slightly, but I feel good when my forehead is completely frozen in the middle to the top. “

Ask your botox injector for their thoughts

“I’m extremely open-minded, so I accept everything. Some of them come up to me and say, ‘Dr. Schwartzburg, do what you think is best. I trust you.’ Some of them come with a specific request, ”he explained.

Dr. Schwartzburg has been in business for seven years. Dr. Michele Green, a state-certified cosmetic dermatologist in New York City, has been doing botox for 20 years and said the same thing: “Patients should consult a cosmetic injection expert and discuss what is particularly bothering them and what areas of the face they would like to have treated. I always sit down with a new patient and give him a mirror so that we can look at the parts of the face together and determine the best treatment plan. “

Do your research and make sure your injector is experienced. Then trust their experience and let them help you, especially if you are new to it. If you start small and don’t like your results, there is always more to come back from, but it’s harder to undo a result when you do too much. Let’s talk more about the research.

The most important thing that I have appreciated very much over the years is clear, concise and uncomplicated communication

Get on Yelp to find a qualified botox practitioner

To get a great result, you don’t just have to be open to your injector’s opinion and bring in great reference images. Before you even think about taking a screenshot of Bella Hadid’s latest Instagram post, you need to find a qualified doctor to entrust your face to.

Dr. Schwartzburg advises potential customers to spend a lot of time on an injector’s website. Reverse image searches on their before and after photos to make sure they are original images of the doctor’s real clients. Look for “before” photos of people with the same facial structure as you, or “after” photos that show work on the same areas you would like treatment.

After that, look at the reviews. He suggested starting with Yelp, which “has this amazing system of filtering out reviews that can be obtained in other ways”. That was a gentle way of saying that Yelp is filtering out comments that may not have come from real patients, such as the clinic receptionist trying to do business with fake five-star reviews. After looking at the Yelp reviews, go to Google. If there’s a discrepancy between reviews from Google, Facebook, RealSelf, and Yelp, Dr. Schwartzburg that this should be a warning sign. An injector that does a consistently good – or bad – job should have similarly consistent ratings.

“Research! Botox can do a lot more than just “freeze” your face. So you should know what it can and what to do to improve your appearance and clearly articulate that on your injector, ”added Dana.

It is best to make an appointment for botox for the first time if you have not taken blood thinners, herbal supplements, or vitamins

Ask questions during your botox consultation

Dr. Schwartzburg says he encourages customers – especially first-time visitors – to ask plenty of questions during the consultation before an injection even begins. He assured Lifehacker that he wouldn’t mind if this delayed the appointment a little; It is better if a customer is fully informed and satisfied with their decision before the process begins.

“The most important thing that I have appreciated over the years is clear, concise and uncomplicated communication,” he said. “When undesirable things happened in the past, it was mostly due to misunderstandings. Either they didn’t ask enough questions or I just assume I know what’s best and don’t go into a detailed conversation. “

Dana, who has been on botox two to three times a year since it was founded, agreed: “Don’t be afraid to ask your injector questions or interrupt them if they start injecting an area that you disagree with. “

Do your body right

Yes, this appointment is about your face, but your body must be in a certain state beforehand for you to get the best results.

“It’s best to make an appointment for botox for the first time if you haven’t taken blood thinners, herbal supplements, or vitamins that can cause bruising,” said Dr. Green. “It’s also best not to splash right before a big event or party. It is best to have your cosmetic injections of botox and dermal fillers a month before an important event. “

Be patient with your botox results

Don’t panic if you don’t see the desired effect immediately after leaving the clinic. Injections can cause swelling and bruising that can freak you out at first. Don’t freak out. Botox doesn’t work immediately either; it takes time, and that’s a good thing.

“Since it takes two weeks to see the full effects of Botox, it is important to be patient to see what your results look like before adding more Botox to the treated area,” said Dr. Green.