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Good Morning! You have arrived at your shopping destination. Your clothes can be casual (very casual – slippers are fine) and your parking is free. Just pour another cup of Java and make yourself comfortable.

We understand that you no longer need to let us know about online purchases, but consider this a gentle ping, which is Cyber ​​Monday today.

Part of that ping is asking not to forget to shop around local vendors today.

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce website lists about 30 categories of local businesses, from bakeries to flowers, sportswear to music, and pets to pet food. Many of them sell their goods and services online.

While stores in Old Pasadena have had brisk business on Black Friday weekends and Small Business Saturday, Cyber ​​Monday is possibly the busiest shopping day of the year. Everything you can think of is for sale. That’s pretty much the idea for 24 hours.

In Old Pasadena, places like Homage (with inspired gifts and jewelry) and the bold Gold Bug (simply amazing objects) are online and ready for you.

There is artful life offered online at Maude Woods. And Pasadena’s love affair with the Craftsman movement is alive and well with dozens of offers in the Gamble House’s virtual gift shop.

Deliciousness too. (Like seasonal moist cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake and rich pralines from local Mignon Chocolatiers).

And don’t forget the tasteful options by ordering gift cards from your favorite local restorer (think El Portal, Gale’s, Smitty’s, Bistro45, Parkway Grill, El Cholo).

For this Christmas dinner, check out the exquisite offerings from (Why spend this vacation in the kitchen?)

According to (yes, there is, of course, a website like this) and Adobe Analytics, while spending growth will not be as dramatic as in previous years, Cyber ​​Monday e-commerce sales will remain $ 10 billion -Dollars will reach a year-over-year increase in spending of $ 9.4 billion, but a much smaller jump than in previous years.

With COVID-19 bringing some uncertainty about the economy, there’s a good chance consumers will have to spend less and therefore may spend more carefully this year, the website said.

However, as also noted, Cyber ​​Monday will add to the retail benefit as shoppers can look forward to an online adventure that allows them to snap up their vacation must-haves without stepping into stores.

According to the National Retail Federation, Christmas sales in November and December will increase between 3.6 and 5.2 percent between 2019, for a total of $ 755.3 to $ 766.7 billion.

The numbers that exclude car dealerships, gas stations, and restaurants contrast with a 4 percent increase to $ 729.1 billion last year and an average increase in Christmas sales of 3.5 percent over the past five years.

“Due to store closings and home orders last spring, not all retailers and categories, including small and medium-sized retailers, have recovered as quickly. Overall, however, retail sales have rebounded in a V-shape and have grown month-to-month and year-to-year every month since June, ”said NRF in its 2020 vacation forecast.

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