Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the next phase of England’s blocking card on Monday. This means that people are allowed to meet friends and family indoors, stay away overnight, and visit indoor entertainment venues.

As the UK restrictions wear off, let’s take a look at the latest shopping rules and restrictions being enforced by the major supermarkets.

Whether you shop at Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s or any other large supermarket, you may be denied entry if you don’t follow the rules. Therefore, it is important that you understand the requirements before you set off.

Here you will find the latest rules in England’s supermarkets, from restricting the number of shoppers to banning entry for those who do not wear a face mask (unless exempted).

A face mask must still be worn in all shops

The government plans to review face mask use later this year so the rules can change. However, they are currently mandatory in stores in England and Scotland unless you are exempted for health reasons.

Failure to wear a mask and not exempt could result in a fine of at least £ 100, which can be increased each time you do not wear one.

Aldi shopping rules

According to Aldi’s website, there are no restrictions on purchases at the time of writing, but it has been warned that some items may be temporarily unavailable due to increased demand.

According to Aldi, all customers must wear a mask unless they are medically exempt. Those who refuse to wear a mask are not allowed to enter their shops.

The store no longer has special opening times for vulnerable and elderly people, or for NHS, police and fire service employees.

Aldi uses an automated traffic light system to indicate when customers can safely enter the store. There are still markings on the floor for social distancing and contactless payment is recommended.

Aldi still advises people to shop on their own if possible.

Asda purchasing rules

Asda says it could put purchase restrictions on certain products that are in high demand. The store is offering free face masks to customers who forgot theirs. However, if they refuse to wear a mask for no valid medical reason, they will be refused entry.

In September, Asda unveiled 1,000 Covid security marshals in its stores to work with security colleagues to monitor face coverage and encourage compliance with social distancing guidelines.

There are no longer any special opening hours for the elderly or vulnerable, but a voluntary shopping card allows people to buy goods for those who cannot leave the house. Asda is also no longer offering special priority hours for NHS staff.

Asda continues to recommend that people shop on their own, and the Qudini virtual queuing system means you don’t have to physically queue outside. You join a virtual queue through an app and enter the store when you are at the head of the queue.

Lidl shopping rules

According to Lidl, security guards will remind customers to wear face coverings unless they are exempted from it. If a customer is not medically exempt and refuses to wear a face covering, they will be denied entry.

There are no special shopping hours for the elderly and the vulnerable or for NHS workers, but Lidl has partnered with the Royal Voluntary Service to deliver fruit and vegetables to frontline NHS workers.

Lidl monitors the volume of people entering stores and, like other stores, still encourages people to shop on their own and make contactless payments.

Morrisons Shopping Rules

Morrisons will now ban customers who refuse to wear face covering unless they are medically exempted.

Initially, the supermarket encouraged shoppers to wear face masks and offered sunflower lanyards to people with hidden disabilities so that additional help could be offered.

Special shopping hours for the elderly and vulnerable have stopped, but Morrisons is offering a doorstop delivery service for the elderly and vulnerable.

NHS staff can visit any Morrisons store Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Morrisons recommends “one person per cart” and uses a queuing system when necessary. There’s also a quick shoppers queue for shoppers with sunglasses who can get in faster.

Sainsburys shopping rules

Sainsbury’s recently introduced a stricter face mask policy, stating that customers must wear a face mask unless they are medically exempt. If possible, do the shopping on your own. Security guards challenge those who do not wear a mask or shop in groups.

Older and vulnerable customers now have priority access, and NHS and social workers can skip the line at any time and get priority access to Sainsbury’s if they have ID.

Only one adult is allowed per shopping visit, but children can join them if they cannot stay home.

There is a queuing app available in all Sainsbury’s branches that you can enter once you reach the top of the virtual queue.

Tesco purchasing rules

Some products, including toilet paper, flour, and hand sanitizer, still have purchase restrictions.

As in all other stores, you are not allowed to wear a mask unless you are exempt and refuse to wear a mask.

Buyers must go alone unless they are carers or have children who cannot be left at home.

Some stores will prioritize access for elderly and vulnerable customers every Wednesday and Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (except in express stores).

Those who work for the NHS or ambulance services, as well as caregivers, have priority access to Tesco branches and can skip the line at any time (with ID).

Waitrose purchasing rules

Waitrose says all customers are required to wear face-covering (unless exempted) and marshals will be positioned at the entrances to all supermarkets that offer masks to shoppers who don’t have them.

At risk customers, including the elderly, are prioritized if there is a queue outside of the store.

There are no special shopping hours for NHS staff, but all Waitrose stores offer priority access for NHS staff only. You must bring ID with you to prove eligibility.

Buyers are encouraged to come alone.