Say goodbye to scanning receipts or queuing at the customer service counter when it comes to redeeming points at the mall.

As part of its digitization journey, Compass One has launched a new user-friendly and intuitive mobile app called Compass One Rewards.

The free downloadable app enables buyers to register with just a few clicks, redeem points immediately upon purchase and track their points via the app.

Existing Compass One members will also receive their current points transferred to their mobile app account.

To celebrate the launch of the Compass One Rewards app, the mall is running two promotional activities starting now through October 31, with prizes up to $ 27,000.

Download the app and register as a member for a safe chance of gambling and 1,000 points, and earn 500 extra points on a minimum spend of $ 100 at participating retailers.

All points can be converted into parking credit or Compass One vouchers.

Compass One will also offer exclusive weekly dealer offers in the app for members.

They include a $ 10 consultation fee for new patients at the Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic and a $ 10 bonus when purchasing $ 20 credits from Timezone.

You can download the mobile app and register for an account with Google ( and Apple (


The food and beverage maker introduces Harvest Gourmet, a range of five plant-based and meat-free alternatives to red and white meat designed to complement Asian dishes and cuisines.

Developed specifically for the complex flavors and textures of Asia, it offers a nutritious, straightforward and versatile portfolio of protein-rich, tasty plant-based and meat-free options such as ground beef, stir fry mince, chargrilled pieces, sensational burgers and schnitzel, made with natural ingredients such as soy, Wheat, beetroot and coconut oil.

These halal-certified, ready-to-cook options offer up to 19.2g of protein and 7.3g of fiber per serving and don’t need to be thawed before cooking, which saves a lot of effort and time.

Additionally, it’s designed to accommodate multiple cooking methods – pan-frying, baking, deep-frying, and even microwaving.

Nestle’s Harvest Gourmet ($ 8.65 per box, with ongoing promotions at various retailers) is now available in select FairPrice outlets, RedMart and Amazon, and will be on sale at Cold Storage and Giant through the end of the month.


Add a serving of goodness to your heart with Baked USA Pecans that compliments the brand’s current range of heart-healthy dried fruit and nut treats from the brand.

Pecans are among the most nutritious nuts and are an excellent source of good fats, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals – nutrients that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and promote digestive health.

Carefully selected from the best plantations and specialty growers in the USA, Baked USA Pecans are lightly baked to perfection with no added sugar or salt and are naturally loaded with rich nutrients that are free of cholesterol and trans fats.

The product also earned the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice label for its sodium deficiency.

And if you’re looking for a healthy snack for your day, try Nature’s Wonders’ duo nut mix. This premium nut series combines two popular types of nuts in each pack and offers a combination of baked almonds, cashews, macadamias or walnuts.

These tree nuts are naturally cholesterol and trans fat free and they are also a rich source of protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Nature’s Wonders’ Baked USA Pecans ($ 7.40) and Duo Nut Mix ($ 5.45 to $ 5.80) are now in select hypermarkets / supermarkets, Nature’s Wonders e-store, and select online e-stores available.


Protect and care for both your hands and your delicacies with the new Lingerie Wash ($ 6.90) from the household cleaning product brand, suitable for everyday use on lingerie to effectively remove stains in 15 minutes.

Made in Japan, its unique formulation can also kill 99 percent of bacteria and dust mites while preventing bacterial growth for up to 24 hours, eliminating odors.

Since lingerie is usually washed by hand and the use of normal detergent can be too harsh due to its soft fibers, the mild and non-irritating formulation of Fresh HY Lingerie Wash is gentle on skin and fabrics, but also suitable for machine washing if preferred will.

It’s now available at FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Shopee, Lazada, RedMart and the Walch eShop.


Mask wearing is here to stay, but mask breath doesn’t have to be with US mouthwash brand’s PocketMist Breath Spray.

Available in the classic Cool Mint flavor, it is an indispensable companion on the go, killing 99.9 percent of the germs that cause bad breath. The spray delivers fresh, minty, clean breath all day, anywhere, with just two or three quick sprays.

Housed in a compact and stylish package, it’s also portable and lightweight, and sugar-free with zero calories.

The Listerine PocketMist Breath Spray ($ 6.90) is available now at FairPrice, Watsons, Guardian, Lazada, and Shopee.


The local animal care brand’s 100 percent natural product line aims to relieve eczema and other skin conditions and irritations that plague fur children.

The pet’s activated water disinfectant makes it easy for pet owners to clean and disinfect, in addition to ear cleaners, body healing balms, toy and fabric cleaners, pet shell foam, and pump floor cleaners – all of which contain no harsh chemicals.

The latest product, the Booster Serum range, will hit the market in December and seeks to turn hard showering on pets into a beneficial process for their skin, coat and wellbeing.

For Furry Friends ($ 10-178) is available now at FairPrice and in over 50 physical pet care stores, including Furry Purry and Friends Fur Life.