Negotiations are currently ongoing that could result in MLW broadcasting an additional hour of first-time programming alongside the acclaimed Fusion show.

First reported by Mike Johnson at PWInsider. It appears that MLW is buying a new show independently from MLW Fusion that is broadcasting to major television networks on YouTube and BeIn Sports.

Although details were not disclosed about which networks the show was shown to, Johnson reported that both large English-speaking and Spanish-speaking networks had received the pitch from ICM.

ICM partnered with Miami-based promotion in 2020 to focus on new television and streaming deals, a partnership that appears to be paying off quickly. According to, the company has met with CBS / Viacom and Amazon in the past over streaming rights for MLW Fusion.

MLW also announced in 2020 that the contracts with Roku, Fubo Sports and Pluto TV had been renewed.

In an interview earlier this year, Court Bauer, the CEO of MLW, said they were in talks with two tier 1 networks but couldn’t expand on those comments at the time.

What does this mean for MLW?

That long and short means we are likely to get more weekly MLW programming, which is great news for fans of the Lucha Libre style and small graduation offering. For the wrestling completer in your life, it means there is even more content to consume.

Between WWE, AEW, RoH, IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan USA, there is nearly 40 hours of weekly content with no pay-per-views and independent promotions, which is a really daunting task. However, I’ll say that having more cons on my screen is always a good thing.

This could also result in MLW’s Mexico-based artists returning to our screens. Since the COVID-19 pandemic introduced travel bans from many countries, several of the company’s top stars have not been able to keep up.