JPMorgan Chase urges all of its U.S. employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine and warns that vaccination could potentially be mandatory for workers, according to a memo sent late Wednesday.

The bank is now asking all US employees to log their vaccination status in a software portal by June 30th. Those who have been vaccinated do not have to wear masks when they return to the office, distance themselves socially or record their state of health; those who are not vaccinated are required to wear masks and are encouraged to have weekly Covid tests, JPMorgan said.

“We urge all of our employees to get vaccinated because we believe it will protect you, your friends and family, your co-workers and the community at large,” reads the memo, which is chaired by their entire operations committee Jamie Dimon was signed by the CEO.

“We also believe that the more employees are vaccinated the safer our offices are for everyone,” said JPMorgan. “In the future, we can mandate that all employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination that complies with legal requirements and medical or religious precautions.”

JPMorgan, the largest US bank by assets with nearly 260,000 employees worldwide, is taking a more gradual approach to vaccine enforcement than smaller rival Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley announced earlier this week that from July 12, only vaccinated employees and customers will be allowed into offices.

While employees at JPMorgan can choose to keep their vaccination status private, it means they must maintain all precautions, including social distancing, from the pre-vaccination era.

And the unvaccinated are still expected to return to their assigned office locations along with all other U.S. employees by July 6th.

Here is the note:

Dear Colleagues,

In our country today we should all be very grateful and happy that we are starting to see the pandemic in the rearview mirror. With the availability and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and other improved health indicators in the US, we are now taking steps to prepare to return to the office in a safe and productive manner. We do this because we believe that human interaction, spontaneous learning and creativity are so important to the way we run our business and serve our customers.

We want to be very specific about what we expect and what demands are placed on work in the office.

I. We all need US employees – it is now mandatory – To log into the JPMC COVID-19 Vaccine Record Tool and enter answers from June 30th. If you don’t, your manager will contact you individually until a response is received. We need this information from you so that we can prepare and manage your return to the office in a very detailed and location-related manner.

There are three possible answers to the question we are going to ask you:

a. i am vaccinated

b. i am not vaccinated

c. I choose not to share my vaccination status with JPMorgan Chase (it’s okay not to tell us but you have to respond)

II. If you have been vaccinated, entered your data in the tool and uploaded your COVID-19 vaccination card, You no longer have to wear a mask or social distance at most locations in accordance with our current practices and You no longer have to go through the daily health check-up from July 6th. (Note: U.S. subsidiary employees should continue to follow state guidelines on face covering.)

III. If you indicate you are not vaccinated or select the “I do not want to share my vaccination status with JPMorgan Chase” option, we still expect to return to the office. You are strongly encouraged to and must test weekly for COVID-19 Keep wearing a mask, complete the daily health check-up, and practice social distancing in the office according to our current practices.

IV. We urge all of our employees to get vaccinated because we think it will protect you, your friends and family, your co-workers, and the community at large. We also believe that the more employees vaccinated the safer our offices are for everyone. In the future, we may require that all employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination that complies with legal requirements and medical or religious precautions.

V. Finally from July 6th we expect all US employees switch to a regular roster, at your assigned office location, subject to occupancy limits and as directed by your manager. In many cases, this can be five days a week, and for others, it means that you will be spending at least 50% of your work days in the office due to occupancy restrictions. We understand that some teams are piloting a hybrid approach that varies depending on the job; E.g. three days in the office or 50% rotation, but we would like each of you to come back regularly so that we can test the effectiveness of these models as soon as possible.

Last month it has been great to see more of you safely return to our US offices and we have loved to hear from many of you that our workplaces are better than ever. You have commented on the health and safety protocols we put in place, the new technology we have introduced, and most importantly, how good it feels to see your colleagues in person.

We look forward to seeing more of you very soon.

This story evolves. Please check again for updates.

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