Christmas Day is just around the corner as people across the UK start preparing their festive dinners. Many had to stop by for last minute purchases. Here is everything you need to know when Marks & Spencer is open and the latest rules.

A statement said: “[There] We shared five things with our customers that they can do to make shopping faster, easier and safer in the final days before Christmas. “

Marks & Spencer listed a number of safety precautions British should follow in stores.

Shop alone where you can

Customers are encouraged to visit stores alone whenever possible to reduce the number of people in the stores.

The statement said, “We know some customers will need assistance or have to bring children, but we ask customers to stick with an adult when possible.”


Shop outside of normal business hours

With 400 stores open until midnight, the retailer has encouraged customers to spread out when they visit.

“If more shops are open longer, it is often quieter later in the evening,” it continues.

Plan ahead

Earlier this year, M&S launched ‘Sparks Book & Shop’, which allows customers to secure a timeframe before visiting.

While walk-ins are still allowed, booking a time can reduce waiting in long lines.

M&S stated, “If you need to shop at a set time or if you want to avoid the queue, use Sparks Book & Shop, which allows you to book a shopping spot.

“Almost half a million slots have been booked since it was launched.”

Pay contactless

“Use contactless payment solutions like Mobile Pay Go,” it continues.

The retailer introduced Mobile Pay Go to bypass the in-store checkout process.

Shoppers simply scan their groceries with the M&S app and pay from their phone as soon as the shop is closed.

Maintain social distance

The statement added, “Be kind, give everyone space and cover your face.”

Wearing face covers is compulsory for most shoppers in all parts of the UK.

Signs have also been put up in the shops to remind visitors to keep a safe distance.