Ok, confession time: I had never stepped into a Lidl before it was blocked.

Before you say it, I’m not a big supermarket snob. I was an Aldi girl for years so budget brands were just the thing for me.

On the other hand, I had never considered Lidl – I never thought it would take place for a moment in my life.

But fate is a fun thing, and when I moved, I only moved for a moment from one of the supermarket’s little Lidl branches.

I remember that day like yesterday when I first entered the queue.

I didn’t know my life would change forever. And for a very, very good reason …

“WOW” was the first word that came to mind as I walked down the hall, probably followed by a few more explicit words that I can’t repeat here.

I won’t mention names, but after spending at least double (sometimes four times) the money at another nearby supermarket to purchase the exact same items, I was in an absolute state of shock.

I knew, of course, that Lidl was cheap, but since I hadn’t been able to access an Aldi for a while, I was blown away by the price difference.

I had been ripped off even more than I thought.

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And it wasn’t just money that other supermarkets had stolen from me, it was also time. While fresh groceries bought from other chains only lasted a few days, the use-by date at Lidl seemed much more accommodating.

I really lived my best life. And that’s before I’ve even gotten my best …

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What is the main reason I swear to always stay with Lidl? From this day on for good, for bad, for rich, for poor, to have and to keep in health and illness? (Ok, I’m getting a little carried away now …)

It is of course because of their amazing, incredible, deliciously delicious bakery!

Supermarket success in one picture

49p for a pain aux raisins on the weekend? 39p for the milk choc chip biscuit of my dreams? I might waddle out of lockdown in the end, but can you actually blame me? If you’ve ever walked past a Lidl, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The smell of these freshly baked goods is enough to make someone addicted.

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