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Chrome OS users have reported a fatal bug in the latest system update that is locking them from their Chromebooks. For some reason, Chrome OS doesn’t recognize users’ Google Account passwords when they try to sign in after installing version update 91.0.4462.165. The botched update can also cause other fatal errors like boot loops.

According to 9to5Google, Update 91.0.4462.165 seems to be no longer available and Google is working on a patch to fix the bugs it caused, which hopefully will be released soon. However, to avoid these issues, do not download or install any new Chrome OS updates until it has been confirmed that the new patches from Google are working properly. If the update is already downloaded but not yet installed, do not restart your device.

If you’ve already installed Chrome OS version 91.0.4462.165 and you’re encountering the unknown password error, you’ll have to wait for the new update to appear, but once it’s available you should be able to safely sign back in. Fortunately, you can sign in to your Chromebook as a guest and download update files even if the primary user account isn’t working.

How to install Chrome OS updates in guest mode

  1. On the Chromebook login screen, click “Browse as a guest.”
  2. When you’re in, go to Settings> About Chrome OS.
  3. click “Check for updates.”
  4. The update starts automatically when a patch is available.

You can still use your Chromebook as a guest while you wait for the patch to arrive. This is not a good long-term solution because you will not be able to perform certain administrator-level tasks and all guest account information – including browsing history and downloaded files – will be deleted when you exit guest mode. That said, it’s better than using your Chromebook as a paperweight while Google works to fix this round of Chrome OS errors.

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However, you can also do a factory reset to instantly regain full access to your Google account on your Chromebook. This will delete all files and apps stored on your device, remove your Google accounts, and restore the system default settings. We don’t recommend a factory reset unless you absolutely need to immediately restore access to the Google Account on your Chromebook.

Here’s how to factory reset a Chromebook

  1. On the login screen, tap and hold the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys.
  2. click “Restart.”
  3. Choose “Powerwash.”
  4. click “Keep going.”
  5. Wait while the reset process takes place and follow any on-screen instructions as they appear.
  6. Sign in to your Google Account when prompted.

Use the recovery utility to restore Chromebooks that are stuck in a boot loop

Unfortunately, none of these workarounds apply to users experiencing a boot loop. Instead, you’ll need a USB ChromeOS recovery media with a separate Chromebook or PC, a USB stick, and the Chromebook recovery utility. Download the utility, follow the instructions, and then connect it to the affected Chromebook to reinstall Chrome OS. This will erase your device like a factory reset. However, this is your only option if you want to get the Chromebook back to working.

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