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In a joint press conference earlier this week, Senator Chuck Schumer and MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) is now reimbursing low-income families for COVID-related funeral and funeral expenses.

FEMA will manage a $ 2 billion fund that will help families meet up to $ 7,000 in funeral expenses, retrospectively for the period January 20 through December 31, 2020. This funding is also planned to be extended to 2021 to 2021 the $ 1.9 trillion aid package The Democrats hope to be around by mid-March. This subsidy will go a long way toward covering funeral expenses, but not all – the average funeral expenses between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000. by Policygenius.

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FEMA has already covered funeral expenses for victims of natural disasters, as in the case of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy. When COVID hit last spring, President Trump refused additional assistance to 30 states and territories that requested additional funding last April ProPublica.

For the funeral costs, FEMA pays:

  • Coffin cost
  • Funeral services
  • Transport of the deceased and / or up to two family members to the area to identify the deceased (if required by state / local authorities)
  • Two death certificates
  • tomb
  • Burial or cremation

How do I qualify?

Application details are still being worked out, but according to a statement from FEMA, applications should be open in the next few months. A call center will also be set up by FEMA to process claims for reimbursement. Via FEMA:

“FEMA is working quickly to finalize an implementation plan and tentative policy to support the provision of funeral aid to eligible citizens. To help administer the program, FEMA is hiring contract support as part of the federal acquisition process to assist with administering the program. The contract can be submitted until February 8th. After the contract is awarded, FEMA will announce when applications will be accepted later this year. “

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Based on previous funeral programs through FEMA, expect the following:

  • Identification and documentation that prove your relationship with the deceased.
  • The death certificate (COVID may have to be given as the cause of death).
  • Documents listing costs incurred, such as bills or receipts from the morgue or cemetery.

Contact information for general FEMA disaster relief inquiries can be found here.