Start a prosperous Chinese New Year with delicious treasures handpicked by Golden Chef, Life and Just Wine, all exclusively available at FairPrice.


The 16-year-old local brand, Golden Chef, has more than 15 canned abalone and seafood offerings from countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan and Chile.

Top selling products include Australian Premium Wild Abalone, New Zealand Superior Wild Abalone, Australian Baby Abalone, South Korean Baby Abalone, and Pacific & Razor Clams.

Local celebrity chef Eric Teo has been his brand ambassador for nine years, and Golden Chef has been named # 1 canned abalone brand at FairPrice since 2018.

As a result of this success, Golden Chef expanded into the seasoning category at the end of 2018 and launched products such as abalone sauce from Singapore, sesame oil and cooking pastes as well as Japanese dressings from Japan.

From delicious premium seafood to exquisite cooking sauces, Golden Chef is definitely your trusted reunion companion in the kitchen this festive season.

Get the Golden Chef Australian Premium Wild Abalone 150g (deflated weight) for $ 42.80 (usual price $ 55.80) now through Wednesday. These are caught wild, not cultured, and made from live abalone, which means you can taste the juicy texture and subtle flavor with every bite.

Additionally, be sure to try the chewy and tasty Golden Chef South African Baby Abalones 150g (drained weight) 6s / 8s / 10s for two for $ 48 (usual price $ 50.80 per can).

Take the opportunity during this promotional period to also stock up on Golden Chef Roasted Sesame Dressing 400g ($ 7.55, usual price $ 9.60), which is authentically made in Japan.

Without MSG, it can be used as a dip sauce for steamers and on salads or as a topping for all types of cuisine.

If you are watching your diet this Chinese New Year, Golden Chef Abalone Sauce 510g ($ 3.55, Common Price $ 4.70) is for you.

It contains 25 percent less sodium than regular abalone sauce and is free from trans fats.

It is made in Singapore and can be used as a substitute for oyster sauce.


No festive celebration is complete without refreshing drinks for you and your guests during home visits.

Choose from a range of Life beverages or Just Wine tips specially selected for celebrations of all kinds.

Whether you’re looking for a boost of energy, an invigorating boost, or just a moment to cool off, premium beverage brand Life offers guilt-free Japanese teas made in Japan.

Today through Wednesday, get two 1L bottles for the special price of $ 3.30 (common price is two for $ 4.20).

Back by popular request, Life Oolong Tea No Sugar 1L is perfectly brewed without added sugar. It’s the perfect drink for those who want a healthier twist and love the classic oolong tea option.

For a more refreshing but not so sweet brew after a long and hot day, opt for Life Lemon Tea Reduced Sugar 1L, which is filled with zesty citrus fruit made from tea leaves from Sri Lanka.

Alternatively, get discounts on all-time popular traditional Taiwanese beers with no preservatives or artificial colors as two are now $ 2.30 (common price is two for $ 2.70).

Choose Life Chrysanthemum Tea with Wolfberries 480 ml for a unique combination of goji berries and chrysanthemums or Life Herbal Tea 480 ml with a lower sugar content and the symbol for a healthier choice.


Take your alcohol game to the next level with Just Wine, founded in 2017 with quality wines from Australia and Chile.

Rest assured, you are buying only the best as they were selected based on a blind tasting of a dozen wines by a panel of experts led by Just Wines wine consultant Ch’ng Poh Tiong, regional chairman of the Decanter World Wine Awards and vice chairman of Decanter Asia Wine Awards.

Elevate your glasses with a selection specially crafted for the season, such as the award-winning Australian Just Wine Shiraz 2018, which won the prestigious bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020.

It packs a tasty punch with a spicy aftertaste and fruity notes of violet, raspberry and dark cherry and compliments red meat and Chinese clay pot rice.

Just Wine Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile is softened with a gentle handle of tannins and mild acidity and filled with notes of paprika, red pepper and blueberries.

It goes great with red meats, casseroles, and cooked stews, and goes well with pen cai.

For a nice combination of dim sum and seafood, choose the unsweetened but refreshing Just Wine Sauvignon Blanc Australia with a hint of grapefruit or Just Wine Chardonnay Chile for more citrus and apple notes.

Just Weins Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from South Australia are available in 750 ml bottles (USD 29.90 each) and are suitable for parties. However, they are also available in a more manageable 187ml bottle size ($ 7.90 each).

Just Wine’s Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot from Chile are available in 750ml bottles ($ 28 each).

Spend at least $ 80 on Just Wine products online now through February 28 and receive an exclusive four-piece Bordeaux glass set from Spiegelau (worth $ 35.90 while supplies last).

Get these inexpensive goodies at FairPrice to help spread the joy of wealth with others as the Chinese New Year approaches.