The home and personal care product maker has launched a campaign to further improve good hygiene practices as more Singaporeans return to their offices and interact with colleagues and friends more.

Until May 5, receive a 37 percent discount on the Walch Speed ​​Foaming Automatic Handwash Refill Pack 2×350 ml ($ 11.90, usual price $ 18.90), available at FairPrice and FairPrice Online.

Each pack contains two 350ml bottles that deliver more than 500 pumps per bottle to ensure an antibacterial hand wash that protects you from 99.9 percent of unwanted germs and bacteria.


The red Zespri kiwi is fresh from New Zealand’s orchards – a refreshing treat with a high content of antioxidants and a sweet berry flavor – for a limited time in the season.

If you cut it open, you’ll see the bright red pulp of anthocyanin, a unique and naturally occurring pigment in the fruit.

It is the latest variant that is running through Zespri’s world-leading kiwifruit breeding program in collaboration with Plant & Food Research. It should be refrigerated as it softens quickly in a fruit bowl. Zespri’s red kiwifruit ($ 7.95 per pack) are available at FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, and RedMart.