Building on the US personal care brand Dove’s 60-year legacy of moisture and mildness, the Baby Dove product line, such as body washes, lotions and shampoo, was formulated with prebiotic moisture – prebiotics nourish the good microorganism in your baby’s skin microbiome and help promote healthy ones and elastic skin.

The products are hypoallergenic without coloring, parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

They are also pH-neutral, gentle on the eyes and tested and approved by ophthalmologists, dermatologists and paediatricians. This makes them suitable for newborns and babies with skin prone to eczema and are safe for everyday use.

Baby Dove – available in Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture ($ 5.90 to $ 10.50) – is available now in all FairPrice and Watsons stores and their online stores, as well as at RedMart.


America’s leading green home care products brand is fast becoming a popular favorite among consumers who value high quality herbal products that are safe for both their families and the planet.

The wide range of laundry, cleaning and dishwashing products – such as the odorless products Free and Clear, Fresh Lavender and Fresh Citrus ($ 4.95 to 17.90) – is based on the seventh-generation precautionary principle, in which every ingredient carefully selected to ensure that it is not harmful to the public or the environment.

There is also a specially formulated baby laundry detergent ($ 17.90) that is gentle on baby’s delicate skin. It’s fragrance-free and contains an extra boost of enzymes to remove stubborn and stubborn stains from milk, puree, and fecal disasters.

The seventh generation is now available in the online shop of FairPrice, Cold Storage, RedMart and Watsons.


Feel great, both physically and mentally, with the UK supplement brand’s high quality, sustainably manufactured products that are great for consumers and taste great.

Curcumin Complete ($ 59.90) – the active ingredient in turmeric – has amazing health benefits and can help promote flexibility and healthy joints. Improving skin, hair and digestion; Supports healthy immune imbalance and heart, liver and brain health.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals for healthy muscle function, and the blend of Vitamin D Plus K2 ($ 49.90) directs it to areas of the body like the bones.

Finally, the Daily Vitamin C Supplement ($ 36.90) helps ensure your body is getting the protection it needs as Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid that supports and promotes the daily functioning of the immune system.

Tom Oliver Nutrition’s vitamins and nutritional supplements will be available in stores in Holland & Barrett and Pure & Well for one price through November 30th.


The facility was established by the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association and includes adult students. It offers academic and continuing education and focuses on promoting talent in advanced traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Over the course of 67 years, more than 4,000 professionals have been promoted who have helped improve Singapore’s general health.

It is now offering a Diploma in TCM Elderly Healthcare Therapist (Mandarin), which is intended for those who are interested in using TCM knowledge and skills for the wellbeing of seniors and have a desire to take on that role in healthcare .

Upon successfully completing the 480 hours of course, students will be able to identify the physique of older people and develop a comprehensive health program for the elderly that combines psychological support, nutrition, exercise and massage and is tailored to each individual.

Visit for more information.


Since launching their flagship product, Golden Circle Corn Oil, in the 1990s, the local edible oil brand has been dedicated to offering healthy edible oils to meet consumers’ changing tastes and preferences for healthier food choices, and has added the Golden Circle to its range Sunflower Oil and Golden Circle Canola Oil.

All products in the “Healthy Oil” series do not contain any partially hydrogenated oil and are 100 percent natural, free of cholesterol and trans fats, halal-certified and marked with the “Healthier Choice” symbol.

Golden Circle is available in all major supermarkets and online retailers.


In cooperation with the convenience store chain 7-Eleven, the real estate and infrastructure group has presented a duo of food, beverage and convenience stores in the Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ).

The two independent branches offer office tenants, buyers, visitors and residents in the vicinity a double convenience.

7-Eleven’s concept store for the office lobby in PLQ 3 has a self-service beer corner that uses reverse tap technology and a new range of accompanying hot finger foods.

It will also be one of the select few 7-Eleven stores to offer Zero Zone chillers for shoppers to discover unique non-alcoholic options. It is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

In addition, the unique kiosk concept store on PLQ Plaza is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and offers convenient over the counter F&B options, including take-away breakfast, quick meals and a variety of options for tea breaks.


After the success of the Comex 2020 FB Live Tech Deals Marathon, Comex is working with Samsung on a special Facebook Live 10.10 edition.

Expect 10.10 exclusive offers on tablets, appliances and televisions, including up to 50 percent off the retail price of the Samsung TU7000 70-inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV and PowerStick Pro with Cyclone Force 150W.

Samsung will also showcase its latest smartphone models, which are available for pre-order.

Also look out for a special showcase of the News Tablet, the latest subscription product from Singapore Press Holdings that offers readers a seamless digital experience to read the latest news and find out how to get your hands on great subscription deals and freebies can .

Check out the Comex Live 10.10 Samsung Edition tomorrow at 8 p.m. at