When it comes to lighting a room, nothing says luxury like a chandelier.

It’s the lighting option of choice for ballrooms and mansions in the castle – why not your home too?

Since chandeliers are often associated with upscale furnishings, many shy away from buying them for fear of high prices and an exaggerated look.

However, these days, chandeliers are much more accessible thanks to a wide range of types and prices. With the help of lighting experts, we break down five myths.

Myth: For modern homes, large and bold chandeliers can look out of place.

Truth: The classic chandelier can add a royal statement to any room as long as it is the focus. In fact, contrasting it with a contemporary interior can help make it stand out even more.

When choosing a chandelier, think about how it will work with the rest of the furniture and furnishings in the room – they shouldn’t be fighting for attention.

Diogo Carvalho, Design Director of the Portuguese brand Castro Lighting, said: “Lighting can be so much more rewarding than just illuminating a room if you choose it carefully and it has meaning to you. Don’t be afraid to take risks and choose something bold. “

Myth: Chandeliers usually belong in the dining or living room.

Truth: Don’t be afraid to put them anywhere you need a little size.

Chandeliers in non-communal spaces such as the bedroom or bathroom are the ultimate in luxury because they are like a private feast for the eyes.

Carvalho said, “The most unexpected chandelier placements I’ve ever seen always have to do with personal interests – from beautiful private garages full of supercars to indoor swimming pools with beautiful lighting, and recording studios and artist studios.”

Myth: To have a chandelier, you have to have a big home.

Truth: Even small spaces like build-to-order apartments can accommodate chandeliers well. Just avoid overwhelming the space by measuring the dimensions and choosing a chandelier of the right size.

The most important factor here is your ceiling height and what to put under the chandelier.

Gina Tan, Brand Manager at Barovier & Toso, says: “With a normal ceiling height of 3 m, the Alexandria or Babylon chandelier would be an excellent choice above the living room or dining table.”

Myth: Chandeliers are expensive.

Truth: Not necessarily, thanks to a wide range of models nowadays.

Mr. Douglas Lee, Head of Marketing Communications at VLux Lighting, said, “The price range for chandeliers is very wide, depending on their origin, brand and type. It can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.”

Myth: Chandeliers all look the same.

Truth: You probably think of the classic chandelier, but these days it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Modern chandeliers have minimalist silhouettes and fewer light bulbs to make a statement without being over the top.

Also, think about the room you hang it in – a small black chandelier might not look heady in a huge dining room, but it can transform a bathroom into instant boutique hotel chic.

This article was first published in Home & Decor Singapore (homeanddecor.com.sg).