The biggest shopping attraction in Birmingham could soon have a new nickname – the Bullring Putting Center.

The unit that used to house the Forever 21 fashion store in the bullring has now been converted into an indoor mini golf course with 36 holes and will be open seven days a week from May 31, 2021.

Supporters hope buyers will go crazy for the chance to roll balls into holes at Treetop Adventure Golf, which calls itself “Mini Golf, Big Adventure”.

With two 18-hole courses that come with tons of visual and acoustic special effects, it’s unlike anything the huge mall has seen before, as you can see in our sneak peek video above.

After American retailers Forever 21 and Gap lost last year and the four-story Debenhams only lost on May 15 (after John Lewis had already left Grand Centr al), bullring owners are hoping that this £ 2.5million Try to reuse the building will be a way to keep the center fresh.

Don’t forget to take your shot at the 19th bonus hole at Treetop Adventure Golf Birmingham (if you’re lucky)

The first bullring opened on September 4, 2003. With its 18th birthday just three months away, all eyes will be on Treetop to see if it can pave the way for a shopping change in the 21st century.

But whatever happens, it’s unlikely to get as diverse as Milton Keynes’ Xscape, which opened in 2000. In addition to a huge cinema, shops, bars and restaurants there is also a casino, Hollywood Bowl, I-Fly and a huge Snozone to be “Europe’s largest indoor resort for real snow”.

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What is there?

Treetop Aventure Golf has two 18-hole courses – Tropical Trail and Ancient Explorer.

You can pay to take a course ready to come back another day.

Or you can book to play both courses on the same visit. Prices below.

To relax there is a central market with the Thirsty Toucan Bar, the Jungle Buzz Cafe and the Pizza Cabana, which offers a range of delicious, handmade options such as Wham Bam Ham, as well as vegan and gluten-free options.

Pizza prices range from £ 4.75 to £ 6.50. Sample drink prices include cocktails from £ 7.50, mocktails from £ 4.50 and £ 4.95 for a selection of hand-brewed beers from Birmingham Brewery Co.

Fun names around the course include Eggbaston (Twinned with Squawk City) and The Pitz Bug Hotel.

Step into a world of fun at The Mystic Wood at Treetop Adventure Golf in the bullring

If you have a bag with you, there are a number of lockers to put it in.

James Dannatt, Marketing Director at Treetop Adventure Golf, said, “We want to help people get away from it all when they visit us. Even if traveling far away is out of the question for the time being, you can still escape to a tropical location in Treetop. “

The rules

Playing Treetop Adventure Golf is so easy that any age can try.

Each hole has been designed to play a trick on you – so you may end up taking more punches than you imagine.

Or you might even hit luck and get a hole in one.

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Don’t worry if a particular hole is supposed to drive you crazy.

Official advice from the super-friendly staff is not to hit more than six strokes per hole – and if you don’t complete it correctly, give yourself a score of seven.

Each team of up to four people receives a scorecard and a small pen with which all points from Competitive Dad to Junior Woods can be recorded.

Inside Treetop Adventure Golf at the Birmingham Bullring

Inside Treetop Adventure Golf at the Birmingham Bullring


Mini golf is more fun the more you are with like-minded people.

Whether you’re bringing your kids, a first date, or a group of friends after work, there’s a new way to play every time.

Well worth a look to see if you can think of the space as Forever 21 – a store with brilliant lighting.

Treetop Adventure Golf in the bullring

Treetop Adventure Golf in the bullring

Now the world is much darker and populated with special effects, from waterfalls and dry ice to talking toucans haunting your bad swing.

But all of the holes are carefully numbered and each course is one-sided – perfect for social distancing.

The Fabulous Sacred Mask might compliment you, however – and watch out for a former flamingo film legend-turned-ghost, Gloria Longneck.

A sign for the Pitz Bug Hotel at Treetop Adventure Golf in the bullring in Birmingham

A sign for the Pitz Bug Hotel at Treetop Adventure Golf in the bullring in Birmingham

Once you have played your 18 holes, there is the 19th hole.

This is where you get a try to get your ball into the final, final hole.

Sink your putt here and get one more free round so you can come back and do it all all over again.

As the attraction mimics life in a fantastic jungle, there is no daylight – so you lose all sense of the time of day or the weather outside. Great on a wet, terrible day – or even a scorcher if you want to stay cool!

The path from Treetop Adventure Golf leads to Spiceal Street across from St. Martin in the Bull Ring Church, which is reflected in the window

The path from Treetop Adventure Golf leads to Spiceal Street across from St. Martin in the Bull Ring Church, which is reflected in the window


If you have vision problems, ask one of your teammates to walk some holes in front of you.

That’s because some have shallow bunkers that are a different shade of green from the main course and you may not see them.

If you don’t focus on where to go in the twilight, you may find yourself walking an inch or two down when you might not be expecting it.

An outdoor alternative in daylight would be the Golden Putter in Cannon Hill Park. For the other extreme, try the much more urban indoor experience of Ghetto Golf in Digbeth.

Take your time to go

Parking at the bullring isn’t cheap, but you don’t have to pay in advance and you can pay on your departure if you stay longer than expected.

However, be careful not to walk too long as there will be slower people in front of you on the course.

After we finished playing we walked all the way down the exit stairs (through what appeared to be the former Borders Bookshop) and got into the night air across from Chaophraya Thai Restaurant on Spiceal Street.

All of the pay machines on the lower level of the bullring were out of order when we tried to leave - so I had to go back upstairs

All of the pay machines on the lower level of the bullring were out of order when we tried to leave – so I had to go back upstairs

Since the shops were now closed and we couldn’t see them to remember, we made the mistake of walking up the hill past Lord Nelson’s statue to return to the bullring parking lot.

The doors of the ‘Five Guys’ here were closed so we walked all the way back to St Martin at Bullring Church and re-entered the mall via the Burger King / Costa Coffee entrance.

After going down two steps to the underground car park, we found all of the bullring’s parking machines out of order.

So I went up one floor again, paid there, and ran down the stairs to the lowest level.

Luckily it didn’t take us another hour – otherwise a three hour stay would have gone from £ 8.50 to £ 10.

Other time bands are £ 3.50 for up to one hour, £ 5.50 for up to two hours, £ 12 for up to six hours, £ 15 for eight hours or £ 25 for more than eight hours.

Where is it?

Treetop Adventure Golf, Bullring, Lower Mall, Bullring & Grand Central, Birmingham B5 4BA.

Opening times: Monday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Thursday and Friday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The opening times for public holidays, school holidays and festive days may vary.