A healthier, more affordable, and tastier alternative to Singaporean favorites is now the domestic canned brand’s Yumeat range.

The plant-based luncheon ($ 2.95 to 4.95) and the plant-based ground beef with bean paste ($ 2.95) were specially formulated with soy and wheat for the local palate and developed in Singapore.

Available in cans and bags with a long shelf life, the products are ready to use without thawing.

They can be lightly sautéed, grilled, fried, stewed, or stewed. They are also halal-certified and free from cholesterol, MSG, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, sodium nitrite and other preservatives.

Ayam Brand’s Yumeat is now available in selected FairPrice Finest and Xtra supermarkets.


In November, the traditional brand will launch its Frozen You Tiao range (deep-fried pastry donuts), in addition to working with Mayer to give away devices worth $ 3,100 for every purchase until February 2022.

Expect the classic favorite Traditional You Tiao ($ 4.95 for six) as well as innovative offerings like Sotong You Tiao ($ 6.85 for 12), Charcoal You Tiao Mini ($ 4.95 for six), Wholegrain You Tiao Mini ($ 4.95 for six pieces) and Otah Charcoal You Tiao ($ 6.85 for 12 pieces).

The products are halal-certified, have a mini size for household appliances and a shelf life of up to eight months.

They don’t need to be deep-fried – just put them in the oven, toaster, or hot air fryer for five minutes.

You Tiao Man’s Frozen You Tiao will be available at FairPrice Finest Outlets, FairPrice Online, youtiaoman.com and at major online retailers.


With the Perfect Premium pressure cooker from the German crockery manufacturer, you can achieve healthy cooking with little effort and even less time. From cooking soups and stews to roasting or stewing vegetables, fish or poultry, it brings extra momentum to the modern kitchen to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.

The entire technology is housed in the handle of the pressure cooker, and the pressure cooker is operated using a practical and intuitive all-in-one rotary knob. With one hand you can open and close the pressure cooker with just one click, select a heat setting and let off the steam.

WMF’s Perfect Premium pressure cooker (starting at $ 499) is now available at Metro, OG, BHG, Takashimaya, Tangs, Isetan, Lazada and Shopee.