The Detroit Lions may be quiet in the trading market while the league plays flip-flop picks and players left and right, but this can’t take long. A recent blockbuster deal leaves room for rumors of “up” or “down” trading.

On Monday afternoon, the Carolina Panthers dropped a bomb deal with the NFL and announced that they had taken over Sam Darnold. The Panthers sent the New York Jets one selection for the sixth round in 2021, one selection for the second round in 2022, and one selection for the fourth round in 2022.

The Jets ultimately made a good deal here, and now the Panthers have a new franchise quarterback. What does this mean for the rest of the National Football League? Expressed in a simple way; More possibilities.

In trading the Panthers, is there a chance the Detroit Lions will rise in draft?

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The Atlanta Falcons announced Tuesday morning that they would be interested in acting the fourth election to get back on the draft.

With the Panthers out of the race for a rookie QB, the Falcons don’t have to worry about getting the best player for the future leader of the franchise. You have many options to benefit from it.

Lions have the option to move up a few points to draw their next star. Maybe even design the next Megatron.

I wrote about the similarities between Kyle Pitts and Calvin Johnson last week when the draft reporting warmed even more as Pitts goes through a pro-day.

Their differences are only a few centimeters in their body measurements. Pitts rides routes just as crisp as Johnson, along with Johnson’s ability to turn himself into a ball magnet.

The trade is not difficult to do. The hardest part of running the trade is out of the control of Detroit’s front office. However, you must strive to achieve the fourth overall win among the Falcons.

Here’s a fair trade offer for both sides:

Get lions

2021 4th overall selection

2022 Get 5th round

Get hawks

2021 7th overall selection

2022 Get 4th round

Don’t you like this bargain? I also have a new suggestion for Lions to consider.

Get lions

2021 4th overall selection

Get hawks

2021 7th overall selection

2021 get 6th round

RB Kerryon Johnson

Kerryon Johnson giving up to potentially draw a player who single-handedly can turn a team into a competitor. Even a selection in the sixth round is not a selection to freak out about. The falcons need choice more than the lions.

Are these the best deals? No, but the front office should take this recovery process into account. The coaching team believes Goff can take them to the next level. Also, Goff turns 27 this season. Lions may not need to dive into the design pool for a QB1.

The price for the selection is high but worth every penny. Lions must turn their heads as they design. You didn’t hire Dan Campbell to keep the top ten drawing series alive.

Bite the bullet. Complete the deal. Kyle Pitts design. Bite your kneecap.

That’s a simple formula for the 2021 Detroit Lions success.