A bakery opens in a mall in east Dallas, longing for something similar. Called Lubella’s pastry shop, it’s a new store at 10323 Ferguson Rd. by veteran pastry chef Maria Becerra and it’s opening in the Casa View Center, a newly renovated 1950s mall at the intersection of Gus Thomasson Road.

Becerra has made pastries for upscale restaurants such as Bouillon and Flora St. Cafe. She opens this up with her husband, Ismael Trejo Gonzalez, who is her own Food & Beverage veteran.

“We’ve been in the hospitality industry for years, but this is our first store,” says Becerra. “A few years ago we moved to Casa View so our kids could go to school there and we drove past the center. We saw them update it and decided to see if they had room. They had one another “suggestion, but they gave us the room because they liked what we had planned.”

The renovation of the Casa View shopping center began in 2018 and included the restoration of the canopies, lighting and signage upgrades, an overhaul of the central square and the planting of new trees.

Lubella’s, named after her two daughters Luciana and Isabella, will be a bakery with a café component and is across Ferguson Road, a few doors down from Pet Supplies Plus.

“When COVID-19 ended things, I went crazy at home and started making cakes, including custom wedding cakes,” she says. “It was starting to go well. We thought about starting our own bakery and thought it might be about time.”

“We start with desserts, including cakes in pieces, and then slowly expand the menu,” she says. “I would love to offer breakfast items like quiche, frittata, avocado toast and then maybe add lunch, depending on what the neighborhood wants.”

The room is still under construction, with the aim of opening in mid to late autumn, in time for the holidays.

She will also bake Pan Dulce and Tres Leches cakes, which are on the menu at Jose Restaurant on Lovers Lane. But Casa View has a lot of Mexican bakeries, and she wants to do more.

“I can make croissants, Danish, and I want Lubella’s to be varied,” she says. “I do everything from scratch and I want it to be fresh.”