Even if the upcoming celebrations may be different than in previous years, we can still meet with our loved ones – taking safe distancing measures – and celebrate the season in a good mood when 2020 comes to an end.

After the unprecedented year we should count our blessings.

Take the time to reconnect with family and friends who have been by our side and meet up easily and intimately.

Instead of hopping between extravagant shindigs, decorate the halls and light up Christmas with the warmth that emanates from home. And what better way to end the year than at a peak?

Booze is a must for end-of-year festive parties, and you can now tap fresh Hoegaarden and Little Creatures beers from Cheers and FairPrice Xpress.

The former is a brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium and the maker of renowned wheat beer, which retails for $ 14.90 per liter.

Brewed from whole hops flowers, Little Creatures Pale Ale ($ 15.90 per liter) from Fremantle, Western Australia is a full-bodied, yet refreshing, beer with a bitter finish that is perfect with party snacks.

There are 18 Cheers and FairPrice Xpress beer draft shops across the island.

Customers can bring their own bottles for the beer or buy a growler – a special glass bottle to take with them craft beer – for just $ 2.

Scan the QR code to see how the beer tap works and see the list of outlets that offer this service.

With FairPrice Housebrand you can make more and less money

The FairPrice Housebrand product range is 10 to 20 percent cheaper than leading brands and is not limited to high-quality food.

Enjoy the basic necessities to clean better and at low prices when you shop at the local supermarket chain.

Includes FairPrice Packet Tissues 3 Ply ($ 3.70, 48 x 8 sheets), FairPrice Facial Tissues 3 Ply – Soft Pack ($ 4.50, 4 x 130 sheets), and FairPrice Facial Tissues 3 Ply – Box ($ 4.50 ) you can stay clean anytime and anywhere 4 x 140 sheets).

These products consist of 100 percent virgin pulp and produce extra thick, cotton-soft facial tissues.

They’re also free from optical brighteners and safe for the whole family.

Don’t let your money go to the bathroom, get great value for money with the FairPrice SilkySoft bathroom fabric 4-ply (15.95 USD, 24 x 200 sheets).

They are made from 100 percent virgin cellulose and are luxuriously soft, thick and extremely absorbent, free of optical brighteners and safe for the whole family.

Take that extra step to keep yourself aseptic with FairPrice Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes 4 x 15 per pack ($ 3.10) and 2 x 40 per pack ($ 3.90), making 99.9 percent of bacteria effective be killed.

Dermatologically tested, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Each towel is enriched with vitamin E, aloe vera and chamomile extract, which keeps the skin moist and soft.

Let your clothes smell of nature with the lingering scent of FairPrice Concentrated Fabric Conditioner in Spring Fresh 1.6L ($ 7.20) as well as variants like Anti Bacterial 1.6L ($ 7.20) – with germ-fighting properties and pleasant freshness – Gentle Soft 1.5L ($ 6.60), which is gentle on delicate skin and has a delicate scent.

These laundry aids make your load particularly soft, easy to iron and are suitable for machine washing with top and front loaders.

With the FairPrice Extra White Bleach Anti-Bacterial 4L ($ 4.10), messy eaters don’t have to worry about stubborn stains, and it makes your white clothes even whiter.

The little ones don’t have to worry about their own problems either. FairPrice Baby Dry Pants L (9-14 kg) ($ 15.50, $ 56 per pack) and XL (12-17 kg) ($ 15.50, $ 46 per pack) are perfect for your baby to wear To spend the day comfortably and softly. Stretchable 360-degree waistband and a soft, breathable outer shell.

With a double leak protection and super absorbent core, it’s time to take a breather so you don’t have to worry about your child spilling.