A visual representation of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin on November 21, 2020 in London, England.

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Bitcoin is still in double-digit intraday movement after briefly halving its value last week, and Wall Street strategists say this insane run won’t be over anytime soon.

It was a rude awakening for Bitcoin investors who thought they could handle the crypto volatility. The world’s largest cryptocurrency suffered a 30% daily decline last Wednesday, falling from its record high of $ 64,829 in mid-April to around $ 30,000 apiece. The turbulence was dramatic even by crypto standards. The last time Bitcoin saw a drop of this magnitude was in March 2020 at the height of the pandemic. And even then, trading wasn’t that annoying.

According to Coin Metrics, Bitcoin experienced 14 days of failure in May alone. So far this year there have been 39 days of daily fluctuations of 5% or more in either direction based on Bitcoin’s closing prices. There were a total of 42 such days in 2020.

While the digital token quickly rebounded over $ 38,000 in price on Monday, rising more than 10% in price, heightened regulatory pressures as well as the technical picture point to wilder trading, strategists said.

“The drubbing that cryptocurrencies have received over the past two weeks is just a taste of what’s to come,” Peter Berezin, chief global strategist at BCA Research, said in a note. “Crypto markets will continue to face tighter regulation … In the near future, the pain in crypto markets could weigh on other speculative assets such as technology stocks.”

The recent fluctuations were due to increased government scrutiny in the US and abroad. The Federal Reserve is due to issue a paper shortly setting out its own research into the central bank’s digital currencies space. In the meantime, the Chinese authorities have promised to take action against the mining and trading of cryptocurrency.

Elon Musk, a proponent of the cryptocurrency, also made a sort of 180 on Bitcoin when he announced that the electric automaker had suspended buying vehicles with the asset, citing environmental concerns about what is known as the computational “mining” process.

“Bitcoin remains weirdly volatile,” said Adam Crisafulli, founder of Vital Knowledge. “The economic benefits of nothing are shifting so quickly.”

Bitcoin’s 31.1% intraday decline was its fourth-largest decline in history, according to Cornerstone Macro.

Momentum signals remain “problematic”

On the positioning of Bitcoin futures, JPMorgan analysts believe the worst correction is not yet in the rearview mirror.

Momentum traders have scaled back their Bitcoin futures bets after failing to break above $ 60,000, which made sentiment bearish and caused further position settlement, according to the Wall Street firm.

“Despite the rebound in prices to around $ 40,000, the momentum signals, and in particular the longer lookback period as a signal, remain problematic,” said Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, managing director of JPMorgan, in a note. “It is too early to say the end of the recent Bitcoin downtrend.”

Carter Worth, chief market technician at Cornerstone Macro, said there are interested sellers waiting at the $ 42,000 level, and that high overhead offering will make it hard for Bitcoin to reach and exceed that level. In the meantime, buyers who have pulled at their recent lows will sell if the price rises too much, he said.

“It sold on its trend line,” Worth said. “Every step was technical.”

Repetition of the lows of the last week possible

Many believe investors shouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin is sold again soon to retest last week’s lows.

“A possible re-test or even a modest drop below the lows of last week in the near future is quite possible due to China’s crackdown on digital assets and the regulatory overhang in the US,” said Julian Emanuel, chief strategist for stocks and derivatives at BTIG.

Still, Emanuel believes that further downside volatility would be a buying opportunity. He set his Bitcoin year-end goal at $ 50,000.

– CNBC’s Nate Rattner and Michael Bloom contributed to this story.

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