Amazon today opened its first UK general store just across the Essex border in the Bluewater Shopping Center.

It is the UK’s first “4-star” store – selling only products with 4-star ratings and above – and sells items such as books, tech and toys.

The online retail giant continues its expansion plans into physical retail after the success of similar stores in the United States.

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Andy Jones, director of Amazon 4-Star UK, told the Press Association that this was an “exciting” milestone for Amazon.

Mr. Jones said, “I’ve been working on this for the past two years so now we’re obviously very interested in getting customers and seeing what they think.

“The pandemic hasn’t really changed the way we think.

“We saw that the model worked very well in malls in the US, so a location like Bluewater made perfect sense for us.

“I think the diversity in the store is really important and hopefully something that customers will see.

It is the first store outside of the United States

“There are the Amazon products that they expect, but also local products from small sellers, because that’s a big part of the Amazon business.”

The “4-Star Shop” reflects what customers buy regularly and uses data from the Amazon website to find out which items are most popular with local shoppers.

The products on the shelves also change regularly and react to customer data, feedback and new warehouse publications.

But Mr Jones would not confirm if more 4 star stores will appear in the UK anytime soon or if it is just a one-off try.

Amazon opened its first UK Amazon Fresh grocery store in Ealing last March.

Since then, the store has grown and added five more Amazon Fresh stores across London.

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