Giles Hurley, CEO of Aldi, advised to keep the opening times in the email update the same. Additionally, the shelves are well stocked and with regular deliveries, buyers don’t have to shop any differently than they normally would. He also revealed that “everyone’s favorite carrot” could visit stores once they start stocking Christmas products.

CEO Hurley continued: “Our shelves are full and every Aldi store has regular deliveries, at least once a day.

“There is no need to buy more than normal, so please shop carefully.”

Security measures are still in place there, including traffic light systems at the entrances to ensure social distancing in stores.

There are social distancing markings and protective screens at all checkouts on the floor.

There is an increased contactless limit of £ 45 and buyers are encouraged to pay by card.

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When will Christmas products be in Aldi?

Exciting news on that front, as Giles said, “Our Christmas products will continue to arrive over the next several weeks, and we may even have everyone’s favorite carrot haunted!”

“I hope that you, your friends and family are safe and we look forward to seeing you at Aldi in the coming weeks.”

The Christmas Aldi range was recently presented to the delight of buyers.

These include the famous Aldi candles in a range of festive scents.

The £ 9.99 comes in black glass candles that smell of black pepper & vetiver, cedar myrrh & black musk, or dark wood & cardamom.

There are also some extra large candles that burn for 60 hours.

Scents include honey, plum and tonka bean, pink pepper, rose, amber and leather, as well as tuberose, cashmere and ylang ylang.