Boxing experience Thrill of the fight is the toughest game I’ve played, it got my heart rate the highest and even though the graphics were a bit cheesy, I was totally immersed. Between rounds of a match, I almost sat on the virtual stool in my corner of the ring.

The hands-on experience begins when you start the app and see the menus that explain how the game works. Instead of pointing your controllers at buttons in the menus (in most games, you aim like laser guns), go straight to the menu screens and touch them with your virtual hands already wearing boxing gloves.

You’re in a small gym with a garage-like feel to it. There is a trainer at your side, watching you, but not speaking. There is a changing area, a dummy to practice punches on, and a raised boxing ring. Choose an opponent to fight and suddenly you find yourself in a corner of the ring with a small crowd. They throw punches and try not to be hit. When you land a hit, the world fades a little, turns black and white, and you (if you’re like me) back off your opponent for a minute while you try to orient yourself.

I won three rounds against my opponent, but it was exhausting. I hit him whenever I could and kept moving towards him to keep the pressure off. I found myself pushing into the back corner of my Guardian, which the game helpfully draws as a red rectangle on the floor of the virtual ring. I had to hit and hit again and not be hit myself. The audience watched, my trainer judged in silence. I didn’t mean to screw this up. I didn’t want to be hit. If you want to get your heart rate up or are just a little scared of a quick interval workout, play Thrill of the Fight.