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This is the time of summer when the heat can go from barely bearable to unbearably hot with no rest. While most of my regular foods and drinks can be swapped out for lighter, more summery options, my daily coffee is a dilemma.

As a longtime coffee lover, going without it isn’t an option – but this time of year, even black iced coffee feels a little too heavy for the heat. The solution is, as I just discovered Orange coffee lemonade—A drink that originated in. Has Steadfast coffee in Nashville, Tennessee.

Citrus brightens your iced coffee

Orange Coffee Soda brightens iced coffee with the sweetness of citrus and the fizzy carbonation, giving you a drink with all the satisfaction (and caffeine) of coffee and the ease a hot summer day demands.

Although Steadfast Coffee a. sold Canned version of their orange coffee soda, it may not be available in your area. Fortunately, all you need to do is open a few cans and add an orange peel – and that simplicity is appreciated when the heat has fried your brain enough that even small tasks feel herculean.

How to Make Orange Coffee Soda

To prepare orange-coffee-soda, you need cold brew coffee, a citrus-soda like Orangina or an Italian orange-soda and orange peel. I would recommend using cold brew from a light roast that goes well with and contains citrus fruits more caffeine than a dark roast.

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The recipe calls for a 1: 1 ratio of Cold Brew Coffee and Citrus Soda to be mixed, which you pour over ice and then add an orange peel. The coffee to soda ratio doesn’t need to be exact though – you can adjust this to suit your own preferences. The more citrus soda you add, the lighter and more bubbly it will be. There are no right or wrong answers here.

When I drink this in the morning I want a stronger kick from the coffee, so I mix it in a 1: 1 ratio; In the afternoon, when I want the taste of coffee without the kick, I make a 1: 2 ratio of cold brew to citrus soda that somehow manages to taste like an orange-flavored tootsie pop.

In addition to orange coffee soda, we’ve written about several different variations of iced coffee that you might enjoy too, including Carbonated cold brew made from various lemonades, Coffee custard, and Coffee lemonade.

Keep in mind that cold brew has a strong caffeine content, so it’s best to mix with a light hand. A shot of Cointreau is also an excellent addition.