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The frustration and desperation of losing your camera (or, God forbid, stealing one) is legendary, even in the age of the smartphone camera. Just remember, you are losing both an expensive device and the priceless digital memories of your trip to Yonkers. But after you shake your fist in the sky and retracing your steps is there anything else you can do? Maybe. This website provides a path for investigation and offers a glimmer of hope. It is a glimmer of hope, but better than no hope at all.

It works like this: You upload a picture taken with the missing camera, which then uses the camera’s serial number (which is stored in the photo’s EXIF ​​data) to search the internet looking for other photos taken with the same camera. If a match is found, you may have a clue as to where your camera landed.

From there you can try to track down the “new owner” and email them to request the return of your camera, filing a complaint with the authorities, or your life chasing the John Wick style thief to dedicate.

Neither of these options will likely result in your Nikon being returned, however it has worked in the past, and maybe it will help you graduate. Maybe the best you can hope for is just knowing what happened to your camera? And the site offers one too Lost Camera Database all over the world so that at least you know you are not alone.

Unfortunately, camera phones don’t usually store serial numbers, and not every dedicated camera does, so you may not be able to reach that path even before you’ve even started it. However, it is definitely worth a try if your missing camera is supported. Here is a list of those who are.

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