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Those of us who grew up trick or treating in the days before the internet had to rely on word of mouth or reminders and / or notes from the previous year to stake out the best Halloween homes. But even then, a house that sold full bars (in this case, full candy bars) one year might switch to pencils or pennies the next year – you never knew. Similarly, a building that was previously unadorned in previous spooky seasons could be completely decorated the following year.

Like everything in our lives – from where we eat to who we go out – there are now apps out there to help you (or your kids) get the most of Halloween. One of them is coming courtesy of Nextdoor. Here’s what you need to know and how to use it.

How to use the Nextdoor Halloween card

After going through another year of the pandemic, it seems like people could really get into the Halloween spirit this year – or at least people who respond to polls on the Nextdoor app. In fact, according to a recent poll of nearly 40,000 people across the country, 85% said they plan to hand out goodies on Halloween night, 68% plan to decorate their home, and 53% plan to both decorate and hand out goodies.

It’s usually pretty obvious which houses have been decorated for Halloween, but what about the goodies? That’s where the Halloween Treat Card from Next Door come in. The map’s crowdsourced data makes planning your trick-or-treating route a breeze and helps you figure out which streets have the best goodies and decorations in your area.

The card uses three main symbols to provide important Halloween information:

  • Sweets icon: This house gives out goodies
  • Haunted decor icon: This house is being decorated for Halloween
  • Ghost symbol: This house distributes goodies and decorates

If you want to try it out, check out the Nextdoor app or visit

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