From Zen Samad’s Fashion District Boutique to a chakra balancing treatment at the Four Seasons Spa.

A new destination for Philly shopping is Zen Samad’s Fashion District Boutique Fason De Viv. Photo courtesy of Zen Samad

New boutique: Fason De Viv

Zen Samad talks about her new Fashion District boutique, Fason De Viv

Philly likes: What does the name mean? HP: It is Haitian Creole for “lifestyle”. We mainly stock independent and minority brands. PM: What kind of things? HP: Women’s and men’s clothing and household and beauty articles. Our bestsellers are magazines, cards, T-shirts and a fragrant shea butter from ACAF. PM: Why open a business now? HP: We were in the old town a few years ago and then just went online. I love having a physical space – it gives our brand a voice.

New for your home: Playhaus designs

Here is one way to brighten up your home

Shortly after things closed last spring, Fairmount’s Liz Santana (who started a design company) opened Playhaus Designs with Dara Frank (a marketing expert). The company creates and builds ball pits, slides, climbing walls, and swings that you can install (or pay for!) In bedrooms, large rooms, and basements. Eat your heart out, Richie Rich.

New Self Care Treatment: The Sensory Journey of the Chakras

Say hello to the treatment you need right now

The spa at the Four Seasons Philadelphia (the only city spa with a Forbes five-star rating) offers a new treatment to help manage all of the stresses associated with pandemics – physical, emotional, and cosmic. The Chakras Sensorial Journey ($ 250) combines massage, oils, targeted aromatherapy, singing bowls, chakra balancing, and crystals. And hey, at least you’ve turned the world off for a glorious hour.

Box Bomber Cardigan, $ 396 at

New way to get cozy: Wol Hide

Sustainable knitwear that feels as good as it looks

The pandemic accelerated the slow shift in fashion towards constant comfort. Sweats are the new business casual, which turns sweaters into semi-formal clothing – and which are worth investing in. The knitwear from Wol Hide, a budding company founded by Leah D’Ambrosio, delivers on all fronts: their designs are subtle improvements to timeless classics (boxy crops, voluminous arms); The soft yarns come from sustainable farms. The goods are made – mainly in Peru – in small family-run factories or hand-knitted by women who work from home. “It has always been my goal to make beautiful clothes better,” says D’Ambrosio. “People should be able to have both.”

Shop new accessories now

Three outstanding items in three new stores

Philly shopping

Photo courtesy Lady M Boutique

Dolce & Gabanna bag, $ 5,500 in Lady M Boutique, a hip destination in Glen Mills.

Philly shopping

Photo courtesy of the local PHL market

Nuance Jewelry earrings, $ 89 at the local PHL Market, a location on Pine Street that only sells products made in Philly.

Philly shopping

Photo courtesy Joy Shop

Swedish Dream hand sanitizer, $ 7 at the Joy Shop in Collingswood, a place full of happy gifts and doodads.

Published as a “Market Report” in the January / February 2021 issue of Philadelphia Magazine.