Shopping online has been a part of our lives for years at this point, but even for those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way and browse products in person, the COVID-19 pandemic made online shopping essential to everything from groceries to exercise equipment. However, not all online marketplaces are created equal – at least that is what a recent survey by Axios Harris suggests. And here we went in search of the least trustworthy online shopping site.

The Axios Harris Poll 100, based on an annual survey of 42,935 Americans, rates the largest brands in the US in a two-step process. First, the survey found “top public awareness of companies that either excel or have stalled in society” and ranked them as the 100 most “visible” companies. These brands were then rated by a second panel of Americans based on seven key dimensions of reputation – affinity, ethics, growth, product / service, citizenship, vision, and culture. The companies were rated on a 100-point scale, with the lower the number, the worse the reputation.

Out of the 100 brands rated, which included everything from media companies to cellular carriers, Best Life selected the online shopping sites on the list and ranked them from highest to lowest, AKA from best to worst.

Read on to discover the most untrustworthy online shopping site in the United States

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Reputation score (out of 100): 80.9

Chewy, an online retailer specializing in pet products, is a company that has actually benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic due to both the increase in online shopping and the increase in pet adoption and related spending by pet owners, CNBC reported recently. However, the company’s stock fell as its second quarter earnings fell below the pundits’ expectations.

Chewy’s reputation rating is still considered “excellent” and was enough to place the company in 6th place out of all 100 of the most visible companies.

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Reputation score (out of 100): 80.0

While it fell back from 3rd place last year to 10th place this year, Amazon also received an “excellent” reputation rating. And it turns out that the online retail giant isn’t just king when it comes to housewares, tech gadgets, and entertainment products. In a recent Wells Fargo report titled “Amazon & the Retail Rainforest,” financial experts said Amazon is also the largest seller of clothing and shoes in the United States, MarketWatch reports.

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Wayfair websiteCasimiro PT /

Reputation score (out of 100): 75.8

While the online furniture retailer did not get the grade “excellent”, a “very good” 75.8 is not bad for a newcomer to the list of the 100 most visible companies.

In a column for Bloomberg Opinion, Tara Laughing Chapel said: “Months of manufacturing and shipping delays in furniture make Wayfair Inc. a big winner with its large network of suppliers and intelligent logistics, even if the market has not yet established itself.”

Hand holding iPhone with eBay app on the screenKritsada Saketklaw / Shutterstock

Reputation score (out of 100): 72.1

The popular auction and e-commerce site may have earned a “good” reputation and jumped 12 places overall from last year, but not all eBay customers are happy with their experience of the site.

“After making a purchase on eBay, I received an email that my package had been delivered … which it didn’t,” wrote a verified reviewer on ConsumerAffairs in July this year. “Trying to keep track of it [but] I was asked to log in [and] my username and / or password were not accepted. I’ve been suspended [so] I changed my password [and] then I was banned. “

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Wish shopping siteSharaf Maksumov /

Reputation score (out of 100): 60.7 describes itself as “one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world”. And while that may be true, it’s a “bad” rating of 60.7 and apparently a lot of dissatisfied customers have made it number one on our ranking of the most untrustworthy major online shopping sites.

“[I’m] tired of the games [with] This website. Products [are] misrepresented, [and there are] crazy delivery dates. I waited a month for something and it never came. I got a refund but waited a month in vain, “one disgruntled customer wrote in a recent review on Trustpilot.” I don’t know who is shipping, but it’s insane. Don’t order anything that doesn’t have that orange van attached to it. “

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