A single father was left without enough money to buy food after Tesco charged him twice.

Mark Randall told Which? that £ 100.34 was withdrawn from his account and another £ 100.34 transaction remained open for more than a week.

Mr Randall said the mix-up made him unable to do his normal grocery store the following week.

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The West Midlands father told What? that he had made multiple calls to Tesco customer service to try to resolve the issue, but was told that he would have to wait up to ten days for the supermarket to release his money.

Mr Randall says he was not told why the charges were brought twice.

He told What ?: “Since I am a single parent and have a very tight budget, I didn’t have enough money to get my groceries for the following week.

“’Tesco really needs to take customer needs into account as not everyone can afford to reserve money [in their] Accounts. “

A Tesco spokesman explained that? that problems with duplicate authorizations were rare.

The supermarket added that it recently took steps to further reduce them. The measures include an automated system that recognizes duplicates and tries to undo them on the same day.

Tesco recommended that buyers who have been billed twice call the Customer Service Center to resolve the issue.

Which? The report highlighting Mr Randall’s problem also included details of other supermarket buyers who had to wait weeks for refunds.

This included Sainsbury’s shoppers, some of whom claimed the store canceled their online store without an immediate refund of the money they had spent, leaving them waiting for weeks for refunds.

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“We place tens of millions of online food orders every year and we strive to provide the best possible service. The case studies that What? shared does not reflect the experiences of the vast majority of our customers, ”said Sainsbury’s.

It went on to say there are “rare instances where a business responsible for the cancellation may not be able to obtain the refund.

“In these cases, it will be forwarded to our Careline team for resolution, which may result in a slight delay. Any delay in receiving a refund from a customer is extremely rare and we will resolve this as soon as we are made aware of it.”