We are only days away from lifting most of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions.

July 19th, known as “Freedom Day,” marks the date when life will go back as far back as we have seen since the pandemic.

Face masks will no longer be a legal requirement, capacity limits for events will be removed and shops such as nightclubs will finally be allowed to reopen.

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The lifting of restrictions means that many of us have been planning our first night out since early 2020.

If ever there was a reason to buy a new outfit, this is it.

Think of all of the birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations we missed – it’s going to be a big night.

However, after a tough year, many of us need to be careful about what we spend.

The night itself can get expensive, so setting a budget for the outfit is important.

If you need a cheaper outfit, Primark is always a good place to go.

So I put myself on a £ 30 budget and drove to Primark at the Lakeside Shopping Center to see what I could find.

When buying clothes, I don’t always know when to stop.

I can easily fill my basket with new clothes, shoes and lots of accessories.

I’ve never bought a specific outfit and set myself a budget so I was interested to see how I was doing.

For £ 30 I thought I could get a dress, a pair of high heels, and maybe a bag – if I’m lucky.

However, my trip was far more successful than I could have imagined and I managed to spend exactly 30 pounds.

The dress

There were many dresses to choose from

I had a rough idea of ​​what I was looking for before I went shopping.

Since the weather should be warm and sunny for Freedom Day, I wanted to get myself a dress.

Since the dress was the most important part of my outfit, I decided to pick it first.

I was really impressed with how many dresses Primark sells.

There were some beautiful floating sundresses, but they weren’t quite what I imagined for one night.

I found a beautiful multi-colored sequin dress – part of Pride’s Primark range that would be perfect for a night club.

However, it was a little too expensive for my budget so I had to move on.

I found two dresses that I really liked, both for £ 13.

One was a bright pink smock dress and the other was a baby blue bodycon with a gingham pattern.

After much discussion with myself, I decided on the blue one because it just looked more “club” -like.

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The search for shoes

The shoe selection was disappointing

Next, I wanted to choose my shoes.

I set myself a budget of around € 10 so that I still had some money for a bag.

The shoe selection was a bit disappointing. It was just full of lots of nude and black heels.

I’m a BIG shoe fan so that wasn’t great

I picked a pair that I liked and noted the price – all £ 10 or more.

I found a nice pair of 4 pound sandals that I was considering, but I never go out without heels.

Since none of the shoes caught my eye, I decided to go and look for a matching bag.

A lucky find

Since I thought I was going to spend £ 10 on shoes, I had £ 7 on a bag – easy right?


I was really struggling to find a bag within my budget.

Annoyingly, all the small handbags that would have worked were £ 8, £ 1 over my budget.

I decided to keep trying and walked the store with my thumbs crossed.

Aside from the bag section of the shop, there are a few others that are strewn with clothes.

My search didn’t go well and I returned to the main bags area.

Just as I was about to accept that the budget wasn’t enough, I caught a glimpse of a small black bag behind some larger ones.

It looked perfect so I went in.

It was simple, a black shoulder bag and had a gold chain on the front – perfect for an evening out.

I took a deep breath and flipped the label over to check the price … £ 5.

Fortunately, I was aware of my surroundings, otherwise I could have let out an excited squeak.

There was only one left and it was mine – I would call that a success.

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A little sparkles

I found the perfect necklace

I found the perfect necklace

With my dress and bag in my basket, and after already looking around the shoes, I knew I had 2 pounds left so I thought the accessories were worth a look.

€ 2 isn’t a lot so I wasn’t too hopeful.

I saw a nice headband that I liked and that was on budget, but I thought I should give priority to a necklace.

When I went to jewelry, I discovered the perfect necklace – a gold chain, just like the one on my bag.

Amazingly it was 2 pounds – just what I had left, it was like it should be in my cart so that it went.

Just as I was about to get back to shoes, I discovered the perfect pair of earrings.

The earrings were gold chains, as were the bag and the necklace – I had to have them.

However, I was already on my budget.

They were on sale for £ 1 – how could I resist.

Feeling a little naughty for going over my budget, I checked them in my cart and moved on.

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Bang on the budget

My full outfit came to £ 30

I went back to the shoes with a pair in mind.

As I was waiting for another customer to pick up her pair, I saw a discount sign.

I must have missed it the first time as a whole shelf was cut down with wedges.

They were 12 pounds before but were reduced to 9 pounds – I had 9 pounds left.

A pair in black popped out that goes perfectly with my outfit – and that in my size.

When I put them in my basket I no longer felt bad about getting the earrings, it was clearly meant to be.

With a dress, shoes, a bag, a necklace and some earrings in my arms, I went to the checkout.

Slam down to 30 pounds which is pretty impressive.

How I found it

Really enjoyed shopping on a budget of £ 30.

In the past, I’ve just picked up everything I saw – but spent a little too much.

Having a budget really helped me think about what to buy.

I can’t remember ever going into a store and walking back out with a whole outfit – it usually takes hours in many different stores.

I had to be more organized than usual in Primark and had to go through the store several times to put my outfit together.

On a budget of £ 30 I found a complete outfit and accessories perfect for Freedom Day.

Based on this experience, I will definitely budget myself more often and would recommend everyone try the same.

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