The economy is opening up again, consumer activity is picking up, and Americans begin their summer travel this Memorial Day weekend.

CNBC’s “Trading Nation” asked traders for two of their top summer picks to see after the long weekend.

“My pick is the one-stop shop for Memorial Day fun. Where else can you get beach towels, suntan lotion in bulk, and grilled meat and cases of alcohol other than Costco?” Nancy Tengler, chief investment strategist at Laffer Tengler Investments, said on Friday.

Costco has barely moved this year – a mere 0.4% increase versus 45% for the XRT Retail ETF. The company reported profits last week.

“We like the earnings report. The stock sold because of margin concerns, but net sales for the quarter rose 22%, e-commerce 41% versus Walmarts 37% and 66% a year ago. The average.” Transaction size is “Member sales are excellent,” said Tengler.

Still, looming inflation is a concern for Tengler when it comes to this stock, and it warns investors to remain cautious.

“The company talked about inflation in almost every area of ​​its business, which compressed margins so I was in no rush, but I would stick my toe in here,” said Tengler. “It’s appealing to our review panel and will benefit consumers for getting out and spending the way they’ve been but really for the things we enjoy in the summer like the beach and barbecues.”

Craig Johnson, chief market technician at Piper Sandler, has chosen the Molson Coors beer company this summer.

“This is a stock that is reversing a multiyear downtrend through 2016 and it looks like a big low is about to hit. In our view, a closing price above $ 60 technically suggests another leg is unfolding higher,” said Johnson during the same interview.

Molson Coors closed at $ 58.32 per share on Friday. It would only have to go up 3% to meet Johnson’s goal.

Johnson adds that a return to the stadiums and a full season of play will keep Molson Coors going this summer

“Basically you think about it, people weren’t in the stadiums, they weren’t in games, they weren’t anywhere, so my guess is that when they go out the ballpark and have a couple of beers and they’ll probably spoil themselves a bit I guess it will [mean] There are very good local sales for Coors, “said Johnson.

Stocks have done better this year, up 29%, more than double the earnings of the S&P 500.

Disclosure: Laffer Tengler Investments and Tengler hold COST.

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