Over the past year, Instacart has become a grocery shopping solution for many people. With the recent collaboration with 7-Eleven, the brand offers consumers even more convenience. The 7-Eleven favorites are delivered from the store to your door in just 30 minutes. It seems that America’s convenience store has found a way to make customers even more grateful for their shopping deals.

In the past year, consumer shopping habits have changed. Instead of searching through hallways looking for that hidden find, people keep scrolling, scrolling and scrolling even more. While the ability to touch and feel a product may not be available, the convenience of pressing a button and having an item arrive on your doorstep outweighs the touch and feel factor.

As shopping patterns have changed, brand loyalty has increased. Consumers turn to brands and companies they know and respect. Instead of rolling the dice on a product with an unknown factor, consumers revert to that saved list, the most recently purchased, trusted option. In a way, convenience shopping is about buying back.

Chris Rogers, Vice President of Retail at Instacart, said, “As more people turn to Instacart to bring food to the table, last year we saw consumer demand for convenience retailers 350% since last August.” Numbers are dramatic, but they show that customers are increasingly using this shopping method.

Rogers understands that shopping can vary and Instacart adapts to those needs. He said, “We know how customers buy their groceries and merchandise from week to week. Sometimes people need a full refrigerator and pantry, and sometimes they just need a few things quick like some snacks for the kids, a bottle of wine with dinner, or over-the-counter medicine for headaches. “

How can consumers take advantage of the Instacart and 7-Eleven partnership?

Just like people grabbing the bag of chips or even the forgotten gallon of milk, the partnership between 7-Eleven and Instacart seeks to keep this convenience conversation going. 7-Eleven Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Raghu Mahadevan said, “7-Eleven strives to be the world leader in convenience, which means giving customers what they want, when, where and how they want. “

Whether it’s a forgotten item, cravings, or just an extra drink, this delivery service will reach “nearly 60 million US households across the country.” The offer is available in 33 states and Washington DC. In addition, select states offer alcohol deliveries.

There’s a new way to say thank god for 7-Eleven. Are you ready to place an order today?