Today may be April Fool’s Day, but FairPrice’s Neighborhood Super Deals are definitely not a joke.

In order to continue to offer customers the best value for money and to help them keep expanding their dollars, the local supermarket chain is offering exclusive, cheap offers.

So go to the nearest outlet and fill yourself up with quality food and drinks for a good family meal over the long Easter weekend.

Would you like to start a new month with an aromatic and soft cup of morning coffee?

Try the Nescafe White Coffee 15s Assorted ($ 10.85 for two, usual price $ 6.95 for one), which is made from high quality robusta beans and available in Original, Gao Siew Dai, and Gao Kosong (two-in-one) is.

For the little ones too young for a cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with the Ribena Cheerpack Blackcurrant Fruit Drink Assorted 330ml ($ 3.35 for four, usual price $ 1.45 for one).

Available in the flavors Light (less sweet), Regular and Strawberry, it meets the daily vitamin C requirement and does not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

Chicken nuggets are great to feed your kids after their Easter egg hunt.

For a quick snack, heat the FairPrice Chicken Nuggets 850 g ($ 9.85 for two, common price $ 6.15 for one) in a toaster and enjoy with your favorite seasoning or alone.

Available in Original and Hot and Spicy flavors, these trans-fat-free bites are made from high quality chicken thigh and breast meat that is coated with tempura. This makes them tough, but crispy and extremely fragrant.

If you prefer a local flavor to your meal, the Sadia Frozen Chicken Griller ($ 5.15 for two, common price of $ 7.50 for two) is the Singapore chicken rice staple that will satisfy even the most picky of eaters.

The farm-fresh chicken is fed a balanced diet that is high in grains, bran, vitamins, and minerals, and does not contain artificial flavors or preservatives.

Round off the dish with Golden Rice Box Premium Jasmine Rice 5kg ($ 6.95, usual price $ 11.80).

While no one has to hoard toilet paper, it’s always handy to keep extra rolls at home – especially if they’re on sale.

Obtain a Virjoy Bathroom Tissue Three Ply 12 Bun ($ 11.65 for three packs, common price $ 7.90 per pack) made from 100% virgin wood pulp with no added bleach.

The product goes through five rounds of cleaning to keep you and your family clean.

Make yourself comfortable with the dinosaur plush toys from Tinos World

Start your day with a smile with the cuddly dinosaur plush toys from Tinos World, who have teamed up with Cheers and FairPrice Xpress to create an exclusive line of soft toys.

There are six plush toys to collect: Tino the Curious, Bruce the Cheeky, Buddy the Relaxed, Vicky the Brave, Topsy the Shy and Scott the Inventor.

The curious Tino is looking for a new adventure every day and has found his friends Bruce, Buddy, Vicky, Topsy and Scott who accompany him on his journey.

The cheeky Bruce likes to play pranks on his friends and get along with Tino as they both love to explore.

Relaxed Buddy has been friends with Tino since a young age, loves making new friends and is a reptile who really listens and cares for him.

Scott the inventor always manages to get Tino out of trouble with his quick and thoughtful inventions, and is always by Tino’s side, thinking about how to cross deep rivers or climb large mountains with his Smarts.

Shy Topsy spends most of his time with Scott helping him build new things to take with them on their adventures.

Finally, the brave Vicky comes from a long line of family protectors who care for loved ones when they are in trouble while being on guard when danger arises.

Leave the whole gang from your car to your desk or in the hands of your little ones to your family and make the day more fun.

From now through May 3, simply spend $ 5 on a single receipt at select Cheers or FairPrice Xpress stores and receive a Tinos stamp.

To redeem a plush toy, collect a stamp and refill $ 9.90, or collect two stamps and refill $ 7.90 while supplies last.

Terms and conditions apply.