When it comes to seeking peace in the middle of a pandemic storm, more and more Singaporeans are knowing where to go.

Since the start of the Instagram shop @ goddessgems.sg, which sells raw crystals in November 2019, Ms. Glynis Xie has developed into a side business, @ kalon.sg, which sells crystal jewelry.

She told The New Paper, “My customers wanted a product that they could take with them all the time.”

Ms. Xie, 28, opened her online store after discovering Reiki, a form of energetic healing that may involve the use of crystals.

When the circuit breaker arrived last year, she saw a 30 percent increase in sales despite less advertising.

“Despite my inactivity, there has been a steady increase in followers, and three out of ten customers are first-time buyers,” she said.

“A lot of people had problems during the breaker and my clients were looking for solutions to their fears and wanted crystals that could help their relationship or career.”

Amanda Lee is the owner of the online shop Glace Crystals, which was launched last year. She said half of her customers started buying from her store when the breaker started.

It has seen an increase in sales over the past three months due to an increasing focus on mindfulness and meditation among younger people, as some believe the gemstones promote the flow of good energy.

Soothing properties

Ms. Lee, 25, told TNP, “The trend has been accelerated by the pandemic as customers are interested in the calming and calming properties of crystals.”

The trend has led sellers like Ms. Amanda Yap, a 23-year-old from the Crystalliac website, to showcase products sorted by their specific healing abilities for the mind, body and soul.

The buyers are mainly women between the ages of 20 and 40.

The price of the crystals varies greatly depending on the size, quality and location where the stones are mined. Rare collectibles range in price from $ 5 to thousands.

On average, a palm-sized crystal costs between $ 30 and $ 150.

Stay-at-home policies have also led some people to purchase crystals for their home office or workspace.

19-year-old student Rae Ng always has a piece of amethyst and fluorite with her when she goes out.

She said, “Now that I’m at home more often, I want the environment to be as positive and beneficial as possible. So I place a clear crystal near my work area to help focus.”

Some believe that crystals offer spiritual protection as well.

16-year-old student Jovelle Teo collects crystals and has started selling them on her Instagram shop @sglocalwitch as well.

She said, “I’m getting crystals like black tourmaline or rose quartz for my friends and family to keep them safe during the pandemic.”

While she recognizes that it can be difficult for some to believe in the metaphysical properties of crystals, it is important to respect such ancient beliefs.