A popular Leeds shopping center is about to lose three street chains at once.

Large posters announcing sales are posted in the windows of each store and large discounts are offered.

The upcoming closings show how difficult 2020 was for businesses across the country. The coronavirus pandemic forced many stores to close permanently.

A number of shops in Leeds city center and the rest of the city have already closed, blaming the effects of lockdowns and the deadly virus.

The next three victims are all in the Crossgates Shopping Center.

Shoe Zone, Bonmarché and Peacocks have all announced that they will close. There are already large sales in each of the three stores.

There are now a number of empty units in the Crossgates Shopping Center

The three units will soon be empty and there is already another store in the mall with the shutters closed for quite some time.

BrightHouse, the hire-purchase company, went into management earlier this year and closed all stores in the UK – including the store at Crossgates Shopping Center, which still operates under the brand name but has not been open for more than six months.

Earlier this year LeedsLive reported that The Card Shop was one of the first stores to close at the East Leeds shopping center following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Buyers at the time reacted with dismay and said, “It’s a lovely little card shop, I used it a lot as they always had a really good selection of sentimental cards. The lady who owned it was a friendly lady too. It will be sad not to have it open anymore.

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“To pass on my best wishes to the lady and to hope that it is not thanks to COVID that she had to close her shop.”

Another regular said, “The card shop was great.

“I’ll miss it. I usually buy all of my tickets for the year but with Lockdown I wasn’t in the center, it’s such a shame.”

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