“WTF happened to Demi Lovato?” – now the most popular comment as paparazzi pictures show the singer shopping for Halloween on the go. Just before the weekend, the 28-year-old was photographed on the streets of LA and with celebrity Paris Hilton.

While Paris received few comments wearing a yellow mini dress and high heeled ankle boots, Demi saw fans in shock – the former Disney star was also physically embarrassed.

Demi Lovato spotted shopping with Paris Hilton

Scroll to the photos. Demi had gone for a completely different style than Hilton, who rocked her timeless, long-legged dress look when she wore a short-sleeved dress with a cute sweetheart neckline on the chest.

Lovato, casual but also with a grunge class, wore tight black leggings and a massive plaid shirt. The podcast host also added height to his frame with black platform boots, the aviator glasses matching her jet black and half-length mullet. Demi was also spotted smiling at the cameras with a stylish black purse – her nose ring here made a statement.

See the photos below

The photos Just Jared shared exclaimed “Demi Lovato and Paris Hilton” for “some Halloween shopping”. The response was immense and not particularly friendly.

With “WTF happened” to Lovato’s answers, the users stepped in. “B Hollywood happened,” replied one fan, though others were quick to point out that the eating disorder survivor has gained weight. Demi has bravely opened up to the fight against bulimia, something they went to rehab for and helped other sufferers.

“I thought so too,” replied one user. Further comments came as: “Demi. Oh no, ”with another fan saying,“ What? Demi. ”Click here for the photos, scroll down for more.

Fans say: No more body shaming

Demi, who made headlines in 2019 for clapping a reporter who described her “fuller figure,” was quickly supported. Collecting likes was a fan letter: “Why everyone thinks? [sic] can you talk about a person’s body? “

“Oh, the girl got over eating disorders, let her live,” replied another.

Earlier this year, Lovato spoke about her past with eating disorders – she started detox when she was only 8 years old – and said eating was still “the biggest challenge” of her life. “The less I have to think about food, the easier it is to lead a normal life and I don’t want to let anyone down. So when I have moments where I slip, I feel very ashamed, ”they added.