In the baseball world there was a lot going on on Saturday evening. Justin Turner, who re-signed with the Dodgers, and James Paxton, who was returning to Seattle, made all the noise. Among all the activity, TSN’s Scott Mitchell mentioned some very interesting news that hadn’t really gotten much attention due to all the other movements that had taken place that night.

According to Mitchell, the Blue Jays have reached the limit of their budget and may not want to spend much more money, if anything, this off-season. In a follow-up tweet, Mitchell stated that he could be wrong, but the Jays may be trying to just grab a few bargains in the free agent market or trade for a cheaper player.

The planned wage bill is just over $ 122 million, according to Spotrac. They have had a much higher wage bill than this in recent years, ranging from $ 150 million to $ 170 million between 2016 and 2018.

If you read the tea leaves of the past few days and look at some of the players #BlueJays checked in to, and then some of the prizes, there is a very real chance they will run out on budget.
If they add, it’s likely an FA at their price.
Or a deal.

– Scott Mitchell (@ScottyMitchTSN) February 14, 2021

The Jays came out at the start of the off-season and said they were going to spend money, and they handed that out to George Springer and to Marcus Semien and Kirby Yates relatively big deals. Despite all the steps they took, I think a lot of fans, including me, thought this off-season would go as usual and that the Jays would at least get close to what they’d spent a few years ago, than they were despite last season’s lost sales.

I’m not ruling anything out, but very good chances that they will get bargains and / or sit on a few dollars for trade opps.
I also don’t think Taijuan Walker is any kind of rotation solution.

– Scott Mitchell (@ScottyMitchTSN) February 14, 2021

It seems that Rogers got hurt a little more than we thought because he was out of gate income in 2020. Combined with the risk of a strike next season due to the expiry of the CBA, Rogers may have decided that they were not comfortable opening their wallet fully until there was a little more certainty about how much money they had in the next will earn two to three seasons.

The Jays still have to start pitching, and there are still high quality guns on the market like Jake Odorizzi and Taijuan Walker. However, the Jays reportedly never made an offer to Paxton before he signed last night. So if they weren’t ready to give him $ 8.5 million on a one-year contract, I doubt they’d want to give Walker or Odorizzi more money and possibly more years.

The Toronto Blue Jays were in regular contact with Paxton Camp, but never offered a #BlueJays deal

– Chad Dey (chad_dey) February 14, 2021

If this is the end of the off-season, it has still been pretty successful. The Blue Jays have improved their team in several ways, creating one of the most intimidating lineups in all of baseball. This team reminds me a lot of the team we had that season in 2015, where they had a super strong line-up, but the rotation wasn’t quite there yet. The line-up was able to overcome some of the fighting on the hill and hold it until close of trading at .500, where former GM Alex Anthopoulos was able to reinforce the rotation and bullpen.

Ross Atkins may have a similar plan for this season where he’ll see what they have in guys like Steven Matz, Robbie Ray and Tanner Roark. He hopes the line-up can win enough games to stay competitive and then add to the deadline if necessary.

I know there will be a section of the fan base who will be frustrated that nothing more has been done this off-season. When the Blue Jays are done with their expenses, fans should take a moment and appreciate the guys the front office was able to bring in and how much better this team is than it was at the beginning of last season. This team is by no means complete. Thankfully, the competition window is just opening, and Aktins will have plenty of opportunities to add more, be it by the deadline or in the next off-season.