As Americans wait for their turn to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, experts warn that new mutations in the coronavirus can still cause large spikes in cases before we get herd immunity through immunizations.

Hence, it is of the utmost importance to carefully observe COVID-19 precautions in public and limit time in crowded places like supermarkets. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forego your weekly groceries in order to forego smart grocery purchases and forego money-saving tricks.

Read on for that New Grocery shopping tips that you should follow to save money while being safe. For more information, see Expert Deficiencies Experts Say To Expect In 2021.


In the past, we could just stop by the supermarket to pick up bits and pieces that we might have forgotten during our weekly transport. Now we can’t be so relaxed when we take another trip to the supermarket. To make sure we pick up everything we need in one trip without buying things we already have at home, planning is required. And that requires more than just a passing knowledge of what’s in the refrigerator and pantry. It means inventory. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, especially with an app like List Ease that makes inventory easy. And while you’re at it, download this app that will point you out to the cheapest groceries near you.

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It goes without saying that savvy supermarket trips require a grocery list. Perhaps you already know how to make the most effective shopping list. Now it’s time to step up a level by downloading a sharing app like Our Groceries that allows everyone in your household to access your grocery list, so that everything everyone wants is on it, nothing is forgotten and nothing extra Trips to business are required.

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Food prep, which involves preparing your meals in advance for the week ahead, is a great way to ensure that you are eating healthy and on budget. Virtual meal preparation that includes Plan out all of your meals for the week before making your grocery list (and of course before the way to the grocery store) is the cherry on this sundae. But even if you don’t really care about actually preparing food, one-shot virtual food prep will help you find everything you need for the week and nothing you don’t. And if you want to base your meal planning on what’s for sale, just click your grocery store’s website or app for the latest savings. For a little nostalgia, remember these three grocery stores that you have been seeing all along?

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Some grocery stores with online shopping recently have a selection of replacement items in case what you want isn’t available. And a choice is “no substitute”. Given today’s supply shortages, this is an important step in controlling what you end up with and how much it costs.

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Shopping for groceries online seems like a great idea until you realize how much delivery actually costs. However, you can avoid the supermarket while avoiding shipping costs by opting for roadside pickup. Here’s why experts want grocery stores to switch to roadside collection.

Amazon delivery

The truth is that there is no such thing as free delivery. Amazon’s “free” delivery is offered to members who pay for Prime membership. Likewise, most grocery stores that offer “free” delivery require you to pay an annual fee. Depending on how often you shop for groceries and how much you commit to staying out of the grocery store, you can decide that paying the annual fee is less expensive and less risky than paying for individual deliveries. The same goes for online grocery delivery services, and here are 8 you probably didn’t even know existed.

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